Beyond Clean Expert Series

Craig Ford

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Instrument Protection Expert

Craig Ford is the Founder and President of SterileBits, Inc., a boutique company specializing in the design and manufacture of sterility assurance consumables and products used in surgery. SterileBits utilizes a virtual business model that offers a more cost-effective approach to product development. In order to eliminate waste, improve quality, and reduce costs, SterileBits created a team of clinicians, engineers, medical device packaging, manufacturing and operations specialists that operate remotely.

Combining the core competencies and vast experience of its team, with outsourced ISO certified and FDA registered suppliers, SterileBits can deliver high quality products and much needed savings to the healthcare supply chain. Having stood in surgery for 20 years as a sales rep and distributor of spinal implants, Craig believes in listening to clinicians and technicians to make healthcare better. “New products don’t always have to be disruptive or come from big companies. Sometimes a small change to an old standard is the best way to go.” SterileBits feels this consultative approach to product development coupled with a virtual business model is the future. Their goal is to reduce costs and create lasting value for both the providers and patients.

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Jean-luc lemyre

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Low-Temperature Sterilization Expert

Jean-Luc is passionate about science and innovation and has been involved in R&D for two decades, ranging from fundamental academic research to product development. He joined TSO3 in 2016 where he was introduced to low-temperature sterilization of medical devices using hydrogen peroxide and ozone. Today, Jean-Luc is a Senior Manager of R&D at Stryker following the acquisition of TSO3. In this role, he leads a team of scientists and engineers dedicated to innovating for the benefit of sterile processing professionals. During his career, Jean-Luc has been involved in several product improvements along with the associated regulatory clearances. He is also an active member of standards development committees with AAMI and ISO.


Before discovering his passion for Sterile Processing, he started his career doing R&D in the field of personal protective equipment. He has a PhD in chemistry from Université Laval in the beautiful Québec City, where he still lives with his family.

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Dustin Patterson

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Healthcare Storage Expert

Dustin Patterson is currently the Mid-West Regional Sales Manager with LogiQuip Healthcare Storage Solutions, a leading provider of high-quality, future focused storage systems designed exclusively for use in the healthcare environment. LogiQuip is based out of Kalamazoo, MI and has served healthcare organizations across the US for 30 years. Dustin brings over 12 years of experience in space planning and healthcare storage. He has acted on behalf of LogiQuip as the vendor liaison to the AHRMM Wisconsin Chapter, a leading membership group for healthcare supply chain professionals.

Working closely with many hospitals and surgery centers, Dustin has developed tailored solutions using a mix of best practices, Lean principles, and industry-leading storage equipment. He has also worked with many Sterile Processing Departments to maximize storage spaces, balancing trade-offs between high-capacity storage layouts and workflow efficiencies.

jeff wertz

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Vendor Management Expert

Jeff has 10 years of healthcare experience developing, implementing, and selling technology to hospitals, ASC’s, and private practices throughout the country. He currently serves as the Chief Commercial Officer at Surgio Health. Jeff is passionate about partnering with health systems to design and deliver innovative modern technology and data to improve surgical logistics. Jeff spent his early years as a medical device representative supporting surgeons and hospitals in orthopedic trauma and extremities procedures. He is passionate about drawing on this past experience to apply novel technology solutions that better address and inform the needs of each stakeholder.

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Jonathan Wilder, ph.d.

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Water Quality Expert

Dr. Wilder joined MDT Corporation in 1990 as Staff R&D Scientist, tasked with executing process and product development in sterilization, disinfection and cleaning of reusable medical devices. He started H & W Technology in 1997 and allied with SMP Laboratories from Tübingen, Germany to form Quality Processing Resource Group (QPRG) in 2016. QPRG provides clients with operational, regulatory, and technical consulting in the area of Sterile Processing. Its services include accreditation readiness audits, technical deep dives into the issues causing wet loads and staining, and 510(k) filing support for manufacturers. He has a Ph.D. in physical chemistry from NYU and an MBA from Rochester Institute of Technology. He is a New Yorker by birth but escaped in 1986 to a postdoctoral fellowship at the Max Planck Institute for Surface Physics, the Fritz Haber Institute, in West Berlin, Germany. He is currently happily living near his children in Philadelphia, PA.

Tim cochran

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Instrument Repair Expert

Timothy is a Georgia native with over 30 years in the medical device industry. The last 18 years have been focused in the area of Marketing and Service Solutions within the home healthcare market and Sterile Processing Department (SPD). Timothy is currently working as a Sr. Marketing Manager with Aesculap, Inc. with a focus on creating service

solutions within the SPD.


Timothy has a passion for service and educating customers on the importance of driving cost savings through maintaining a healthy instrument fleet. He holds a BS in Management from Southern Christian University and MBA from Kennesaw State University in Georgia.

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Amy & Madeline Wooldridge

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Instrument Data Experts

Madeline Wooldridge is a Business Analyst for Censis Technologies, Inc. Based in Tennessee, Censis is the industry leader in surgical instrument management systems and offers advanced, web-based software systems. She specializes in serving clients’ Data Optimization needs. Originally intending to attend medical school, she earned her Bachelor of Science in Psychology with a pre-medicine focus, while her professional workload consisted of customer service management and optimizing surgical instrument tracking data. Madeline joined the Censis Data Team full time more recently to help clients reach their maximum potential for data integrity. She is passionate about teaching, idea-to-process execution, and alternative problem solving.


Madeline works alongside Amy Wooldridge, who earned her Bachelor of Science in Management Information Systems. Amy was a trailblazer for systems engineering and process improvement at EDS and managed several accounts at Apple prior to joining Censis Technologies. With increased productivity and accountability in mind, she created the Data Optimization service for Censis clients. She is passionate about research and data analysis. For the last few years, the mother-daughter duo has used their super power to provide hospitals with accurate and efficient instrument data together.

Jamie Zarembinski

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Manual Cleaning Expert

Jamie Zarembinski is a Certified Central Service Vendor Partner (CCSVP) through IAHCSMM. She has over 7 years of experience in the Sterile Processing Industry supporting departments as a sales representative and clinical educator at Key Surgical, a Steris Company. Recent recipient of the Robert Hilbolt Award for outstanding healthcare professional in the Sterile Processing industry from the Michigan Society of Healthcare Central Service Professionals (MSHCSP). Currently, Jamie is a Clinical Educator for Sterile Processing at Key Surgical. She plays an active role in the Sterile Processing industry as a speaker at medical facilities and educational seminars around the United States. She works with sterile processing staff to share, develop, and implement best practices based on recommendations by our governing bodies such as ANSI/AAMI, IAHCSMM, SGNA, AORN and others. She is a member of IAHCSMM, AORN and is a voting member of AAMI ST/WG 40. Jamie is working towards her CRCST, CIS, CER, and CHL.

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