10 Ways Hospitals Put their Patients and Sterile Processing Departments at Risk

Your surgical volume is increasing. The all-star surgeons were successfully recruited from the competitors across town. Your facility earned Magnet status, recently made some kind of US News & World Report Best Hospital list, and you even passed your last accreditation survey.


All is well with the world, right?

Well, not so fast.

Chances are high that there may be unmet needs sitting in plain sight in your facility's CS/SPD department. Even if this team made it through your most recent infection control tracer or tri-annual survey, there may still be issues that need addressing, capital that needs investing, and collaboration that needs implementing. Because many CS problems occur out of sight of perioperative leaders and physically removed from frontline patient care, it can be easy for hospital administrators to underestimate the real scope of their challenges and the fundamental importance they play. Miss something here and the best sterile technique in the world, the most prestigious surgeon, the fastest turnover time in