3,778 Reasons the New Jersey Sterilization Outbreak Matters to You

The impact of the recent dirty surgery headline out of New Jersey is understandably shocking. But it reveals much more about our industry than we may like to admit...

Reoccurring Themes of Failure

In the "Curtailment of Services" letter sent from the New Jersey Department of Health to HealthPlus Surgery Center, all services were ordered to cease immediately, and the following deficiencies were highlighted as a representative sampling of the reasons why:

* "No competencies completed for 3 staff regarding infection control."
* "Sterile instruments observed with debris in hinges, rusty and discolored." 
* "Instructions For Use (IFU's) were not available for all instruments."
* "Biologicals are being used incorrectly and validation testing is not being done correctly." 

Sterile Processing professionals on the frontline will immediately recognize these findings -- and remember that we have seen very similar deficiencies before. In fact, as the old preacher in Ecclesiastes reminds us, there is nothing new under the sun. And when it c