Big Fish, Little Pond: How to Become A Key Opinion Leader in the SPD Universe (If You Want To)

As a whole, Sterile Processing professionals are an opinionated group.

If you've ever sat in a room with other department leaders and talked about anything Sterile Processing related, you probably realized just how deep and diverse our experiences, preferences, and professional outlooks really are. Some of that has to do with the myriad of different responsibilities with which our departments are tasked. One department handles supplies, while another only handles assembly. One team has all its sterile storage within arm's length, others have to hike three floors up to the OR to locate a tray. One group is staffed 24/7 by Instrument techs, another is open 8a-5pm, M-F and covered by Surgical techs in between cases. The complexities we experience in our everyday lives are endless.

In the context of so many different focuses, different problems, and different levels of control - how do you raise your professional voice above the crowd? How do you get your perspective and opinion heard, and more importantly, respected? I know many of you are perfectly content to sit back and let others drive the industry bus for you, and that's okay. Heck, depending on where you are in your professional life, the best thing for you to do may be to grab a seat and take good notes. But for those of you who think you have some good ideas for how to get the SPD universe from Point A to Point B, I've got a few thoughts to help get you access to the driver's seat and an audience for your improvement-orientated opinions.

1) Content is King