"Cookies Are For Chumps": Getting Sterile Processing Recognition Right

I'm not a cookie-hater. I just like some things more than cookies - like getting a shout out from the chief of surgery, or receiving a thank you note from the hospital president. I can get my own cookies at Walmart, but those other things are worth far more (to me) than 4 for a $1. But what do cookies have to do with recognition? (and why am I obsessed with talking about food and Sterile Processing?) Let's get right into the meat of this foodie-inspired conversation.

Why are Cookies for Chumps?

To encourage all you cookie-lovers out there, I've got good news. Cookies aren't always for chumps. But anyone -- leader, frontline technician, coworker, or customer -- who has ever gotten recognized for doing something great at works knows that people respond in different ways to different kinds of recognition. This next sentence is the entire point of this article: Successful recognition of your Sterile Processing team can not be cookie-cutter. There is no silver bullet (or chocolate chip cookie) that will hit everyone's hunger for recognition in the same way. Sometimes cookies are just the ticket for making someone's day in SPD. Other times they can totally miss the mark. Let me flesh this out a little bit more for those in the back:

1) Recognition from Leaders

There are some folks out there (like me!) who thrive off of recognition from their leaders - OR Managers, Directors, VPs of Surgical Service, and COOs, CEOs, and CNOs. Nothing hits the spot like my boss seeing something I did and taking the time to give me props for it. How they do it is not nearly as important as the fact that they do. No amount of other recognition types can compare to it.

2) Recognition from Co-Workers

Many of our department recognition progra