Every Heart & Mind: 4 Crucial Tips for Cultivating "Mission-Believers" in your SPD

"Go out and dominate the Sterile Processing universe!"

That's what I would tell my technicians at the end of every shift huddle, every staff meeting, and every time I got the honor of standing in front of them to speak on the importance of our mission of safe patient care through excellent Sterile Processing services.

But if you've been an SPD leader for more than five minutes, you know that getting all members of the team to "buy-in" to the larger mission and vision of your department is not an easy feat. However, cultivating a team full of these mission-believers is one of the most important things you could be doing as an SPD leader. If you get this right, you can see transformation of your teams and individuals that you would have never dreamed possible. Attitude, teamwork, trust, customer service, professionalism, enthusiasm. All of this is impossible without men and women who know, understand, and apply the larger mission of your department.

So where do you start? How do you stop reacting to the mountain of work and start climbing the mountain of mission? Here are four crucial tips to help you begin cultivating mission-believers in your department today:

1) Take a Page from Gutenberg: Make the Mission Known

Few inventions changed the world like Johannes Gutenberg's printing press, which arrived on the scene in the year 1440. Among the biggest impacts of this new invention was the ability to get information and ideas out to the masses, which broke down barriers between the elite