Is Time on Your Side?: 5 Tips for Winning the Race Against the Reprocessing Clock


The door to decontamination opens.

In walk three strangers with bunny suits and clipboards in hand, followed closely by an anxious looking Perioperative Director, with eyes darting back and forth across the empty case carts and stacks of contaminated surgical trays.

And there YOU stand...

Maybe you're the frontline Sterile Processing technician who just so happened to be working in decontam on the one week this year that Joint Commission decided to drop by for a visit. Or perhaps you're the CS department manager, who now has your moment in the spotlight to see if all those months of hard work are going to stand up under accreditation scrutiny. Whoever you are, the time for fixing and improving has run out -- either you're compliant today, or you're not. (*Obviously eternal compliance is the goal, but you get what I mean.)

So, how are you going to prove that you can and do meet the standards for best practice and IFU compliance in your decontamination area in regards to time? Here are five tips to make sure you can win the race against the reprocessing clock:</