Know Thyself: 3 Reasons Why Self-Awareness is the Holy Grail of Sterile Processing Career Growth

Career growth does not happen in a vacuum.

It happens in the midst of people -- a large group of opinionated people. And since these opinions become the foundation of your professional reputation, it behooves you to be very aware of what those opinions are and whether or not they line up with your opinion of yourself.

The great literary critic and British newspaper editor GK Chesterton once quipped, "All men are ordinary men; the extraordinary men are those who know it." Knowing the ordinary-ness of yourself and behaving accordingly may actually be the most important characteristic of an effective leader, and could be the defining factor in your next promotion. You can call this type of knowledge-based realism self-awareness -- and here are three reasons why I believe it's the holy grail of Sterile Processing career growth . . .

1) Everyone has an Opinion . . . About You