No SPD Left Behind: The Power & Importance of Surgery Centers, Rural Hospitals, & Small Town Clinics

There are no little places or little people in the world of Sterile Processing.

Every safe surgery we support - from a simple incision to the most complex pediatric heart procedure - is a big deal. Each and every patient matters. Your facility may not cast a large shadow in an industry that highlights sprawling health systems and high-powered GPOs, but you can stand as a beacon of hope and healing to those patients who need immediate access to care, right where they are. Your "volumes" may be low, but your "value" to these patients and their families is just the opposite.

So, in light of this understanding, how are SPD professionals, leaders, and vendors to think about these outposts of the Sterile Processing kingdom, dotting the landscape from the back roads of rural America to the main streets of Small Town, USA?

1)  Ground Zero for Getting it Right

While smaller SPD departments are by no means exempt from the common process challenges of their larger counterparts, many surgery centers and clinics have the ability to lock-down their processing systems in a way that big city hospitals could only dream about. SPD technicians in these facilities tend to have much closer relationships with their OR peers, less diverse of an instrument inventory, and less complexity across the board – meaning, when these departments get it right, boy do they get it right!