The Dangerously Dirty Secret of Sterile Processing Contract/Traveling

This is not a hit piece. But I am going to say some hard things.

I have many close friends involved in the Sterile Processing temporary staffing industry, as both recruiters and "travelers" -- and I'd be the first to defend them as the epitome of professionalism, honesty, and high quality work ethic.

This article is not as much about individuals as it is about a slice of this industry that is out of control.

HR Failure: How We Got Here

Here's a quick generalization of where we are today. Sterile Processing departments across the country are struggling to recruit and retain high quality, experienced, and certified technicians. Much of this has to do with the pitiful compensations levels associated with the job grade (as low as $10/hour in some places). Hospital administrators and HR leaders are extremely reticent to go above the "market wage average" for these positions or provide any compensation incentives (such as sign-on bonuses or retention bonuses for certified technicians) -- resulting in high vacancy rates, high turnover percentages, decreases in total department experience, and near inability to recruit experienced certified SPD technicians.

The Emergent Solution: Travel Advisory