The Poverty Healthcare Vortex

My friend and mentor, Dr. Jeff Thompson, introduced me to the concept of the poverty-healthcare vortex. I initially thought of it as a cycle. However, vortex is a more accurate description as it is a downward spiral for many people in this country.

The single greatest threat to health

In essence sixty percent of all personal bankruptcies are a result of healthcare charges. Seventy percent of those who go bankrupt due to healthcare charges have healthcare insurance.

And poverty is the single greatest threat to health even in the United States of America.

Given those inconvenient facts, the calls for taking away a safety net like Obamacare so that the public has access to the physicians they want, or that we deem it unconstitutional, seems rather disingenuous.

Rather than focusing on the government and the political blood sport around this issue, I’d like to focus on what is being done, and not being done, by hospitals, healthcare systems, and medical universities that is directly and indirectly contributing to the poverty-healthcare vortex.

Important Questions: On Missions & Salaries

To begin with, let’s ask a simple question: if one of your mission