To Whom it May Concern: How to Write an SPD Letter of Recommendation...Like a Boss

"Johnny is the best."

"Suzy is great."

"Billy is a hard worker."

Whether you are an SPD leader or frontline technician, chances are good you will be needing or writing a letter of recommendation at some point in your career. And as important as these kinds of letters are, it is still difficult to dig through the flood of templates out there to create something that's really your own. Just as I argued in a post on crafting competitive SPD resumes, you'll almost always want to steer away from cookie-cutter internet filler when you can. Few things are more personal than a letter of recommendation -- they not only tell a story about candidate but they also tell at a story about you. So you owe it to the person you're recommending to provide something that truly answers the question, "Why them, instead of someone else?"

Here are five keys for ensuring your SPD letter of recommendation gets the job done:

1) Know the Candidate