When Silence Isn't Golden: How To Balance Conversation and Productivity in Your CS/SPD Department

A few months ago I saw a post floating around Sterile Processing circles asking whether or not technicians should be allowed to talk while on the processing floor. There were a number of comments from CS leaders and technicians on both sides of the debate, and I'm sure a couple of ruffled feathers along the way. After all, the work that's happening in the Prep/Pack area of your CS department is some of the most critical and intricate inspection and testing done during the entire workflow. I mean, we're not hanging out in our backyard shooting the breeze with our best buds. But neither are we pre-programmed automatons, without any need for human interaction and professional relationships.

So what is the answer? How then shall we talk?

Let's briefly discuss the two extremes that commonly show up in CS departments, and then zero in on how we can keep this conversational car on the road to success --between the guardrails of CS professionalism and the reality of relationships.

1) The Clubhouse