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CE CREDIT HUB | Season 13

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the secret of staff satisfaction

Happy High Performers & Award- Winning Departments - 1 CE

Yes, we want our Sterile Processing teams to be productive. Of course we want them to be quality focused. But shouldn't we also want them to be...happy? Kicking off Beyond Clean season 13, we sit down with Brian Dolan, MHSA, CMRP, CRCST, CVAHP, LLSGB, Vice President Resource Management at Bayhealth Medical System in Dover, Delaware and the Healthcare Purchasing News "CS/SPD Department of the Year" award winner for 2021 to discuss his insights around cultivating a department of happy high performers. Tune in to hear Brian share valuable insight around engaging leaders, building trust across your team, and accomplishing big things in the name of Sterile Processing excellence. We know you'll be inspired!


Where'd everyone go?

Demographic Drought & the Future of SPD - 1 CE

Is the Sterile Processing industry actually running out of people? On this episode 4 of Beyond Clean season 13, we sit down with labor statistician and economist Ron Hetrick, Director of Staffing Products and Data at Emsi to discuss his organization's latest research & E-book entitled "Demographic Drought: How the Approaching Sansdemic Will Transform the Labor Market for the Rest of Our Lives." Have you noticed how difficult it is to find qualified technicians to hire into your Sterile Processing department these days? Are your current technicians quitting to take higher paying traveler positions to support other facility's critical staffing needs? Tune in to this jaw-dropping episode with Ron to hear him connect the dots between what you may be seeing in your own hospital and the larger labor shifts that are showing up in the demographic data. This topic impacts compensation, training, recruiting, retention, and culture -- so no matter your role, you're going to want to hear what the coming "sansdemic" has in store for all of us. 

(To read the Demographic Drought E-book, check out the bonus content on the Beyond Clean mobile app, available for download in the Apple and Google app stores!)

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know thy product

Why Vendor Education is Critical for SPD Best Practice - 1 CE

You would assume if someone called you or showed up at your department door with a product for you to buy, they'd have a good idea about what Sterile Processing entails, right? ....right? Do vendors in our industry have their own orientation and onboarding like we do? On this episode 7 of Beyond Clean season 13, we sit down with Brett Norton, VP of Operations at Beyond Clean and long-time Sterile Processing vendor to discuss the importance of vendor education in our industry. Tune in to hear Brett's insights on the value YOU can provide to vendors by sharing your own experiences and some tips on getting a hold of the right people when you need product-related questions answered. Grab your favorite sales rep and join this week's conversation!



The Over/Under of Surgical Instrument Budgets - 1 CE

If you're going to blow your instrument budget...go big and get data. On this episode 2 of Beyond Clean season 13, we sit down with David Kelman, P.E., President of Kelman & Company Consulting to discuss his unique background and perspectives on the topics of surgical instrument inventories, budgets, and financial conversations that regularly come up in your Sterile Processing department. Tune in to hear David address the common questions and challenges we get from administrators, physicians, and manufacturers around how we manage both owned and loaned surgical instruments for our hospitals. The more you know about how budgets work, the more equipped you will be to work within your budget, or blow your budget with hard data and proactive strategy. It doesn't get more practical and important than this episode. Grab your CFO and join us for the conversation!

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A Perfect Pass

Clarifying the Confusing World of PCD Documentation in Sterile Processing - 1 CE

One of the most common "gotcha moments" for accreditation surveyors happens when they open up your department documentation around process challenge devices (PCDs) and biological indicators (BIs). Even though we all know this, fixing a broken process in the sterilization area can be a real challenge for both leaders and technicians. On this episode 5 of Beyond Clean season 13, we sit down with Jake McHugh, CRCST, CIS, CHL, CER, Instrument Tracking Coordinator at a hospital in Jacksonville, FL to discuss his approach to hardwiring compliance around PCD documentation. Tune in to hear Jake walk us through the basics of building communication, confidence, and checklists into your department workflow to improve the process and grow technicians into PCD perfectionists!  Enjoy the show!

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ready, set, lead

Managing Leadership Transitions on Your Sterile Processing Team - 1 CE

Managers come, managers go. Does your Sterile Processing team maintain your momentum through these leadership transitions, or are you left reeling with unfinished projects, unenforced policy changes, and broken accountability? On this final episode 8 of Beyond Clean season 13, we sit down with Michael Compton, CRCST, CHL, Sterile Processing leader and experienced interim manager and director to discuss the challenges and opportunities around that critical transition period when new leaders step in and old leaders step out. Tune in to hear Michael's insights on strategy, collaboration, and change management during this down-to-earth conversation. No matter your SPD role, you WILL experience a leadership transition during your career -- make sure you're prepared to make the best out of it. We hope you can join us!


way back when

Snapshot of the 1980's in UK Sterile Services - 1 CE

What do Michael Jackson, the Elephant Man, and instrument reprocessing have in common? Curiously more than you might think. On this episode 3 of Beyond Clean season 13, we sit down for a unique interview from across the pond with Matthew Peskett, Managing Director of Peskett Solutions Ltd and co-host of the Deconversations podcast to discuss his experiences working in the CSSD industry in 1980's London. Tune in to hear Matthew share his favorite memories, talk about how the industry has changed over the decades,  and chat about what the next generation of Sterile Processing professionals can learn from those who have already paved the way. You'll laugh, learn, and be encouraged by the memories that can be built in this wonderful profession. We hope you can join us!

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Special treatment

The Machines that Make Our Sterile Processing Water...Usable - 1 CE

You've probably heard terms like "critical water" and "reverse osmosis" thrown around in inservices and certification textbooks in your Sterile Processing department. But do you have a real grasp of what kind of technology and processes go into treating the water that is used to wash, rinse, and create steam to sterilize your surgical instruments? On this episode 6 of Beyond Clean season 13, we sit down with Jeff Holland, Director of Health Sciences at Evoqua Water Technologies to discuss the machines that take our department water to the next level of quality. Tune in to hear Jeff share his passion for producing safe water for safe surgical instrument reprocessing and get inspired to ask more questions about your current department water program to ensure it's getting all the special treatment it deserves. We hope you enjoy the show!

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