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Behind the knife

How is the power of podcasting and social media impacting the next generation of surgeons? What impact do non-functional surgical instruments have on the surgeon-user? We kick off an epic Season 4 of the Beyond Clean podcast this week with Dr. Jason Bingham from the Behind the Knife podcast, and nerd out on everything from social media to surgery. Grab your stereo and scalpel, and tune in as #WeFightDirty on airwaves and iPods across the globe!

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Process Challenge Devices in Decontamination

1 CE

How do you know your decontamination equipment (washers and ultrasonic cleaners) are really working as they should? What does “passing” and “failing” a daily quality test actually tell you about your current cleaning process? On this week’s episode of the Beyond Clean podcast, we bring back international decontamination expert Pawel de Sternberg Stojalowski, to discuss the fundamentals of process challenge devices in the decontamination setting. Tune in with us to hear Pawel’s insights on this critical part of Sterile Processing quality management, and learn why FAILURE is sometimes a good thing!

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high marks & high standards:

Compliant Reprocessing of Reusable Medical Devices - 1 CE

In an industry defined by our standards, recommendations, and guidelines, there are still many misunderstanding related to how these documents can and should impact compliant reprocessing of medical devices in our hospitals. On this week's episode of the Beyond Clean podcast, we talk to Chuck Hughes, the new Executive Advisor at Beyond Clean and retired founder of SPS Medical Supply Corp., about the high marks and high standards of medical device reprocessing. Tune in to hear Chuck address some of the most common challenges facing SPD departments, clinics, and endoscopy suites today. This is a great episode to forward on to your Infection Prevention team to start a conversation around the best way to support best practice in Sterile Processing!

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The $50 Billion opportunity:

What if we told your hospital CEO they could save tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars by INVESTING more resources into your Sterile Processing department? Would you believe there is a $50 billion dollar opportunity in the United States alone to reduce costs AND increase quality related to surgical instrument reprocessing? On this week’s episode of the Beyond Clean podcast, we bring back pediatric surgeon and industry advocate Dr. Peter Nichol to talk about the pivotal research he is spear-heading to tackle some of the biggest challenges facing our industry and to make ANOTHER HUGE announcement about the future of Beyond Clean. Grab your C-Suite leaders for this one and have a #PodcastParty in the basement!

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Protein Detection Technology:

Making the Case for Monitoring -
1 CE

How much protein is left on your surgical instruments after “cleaning”? How much protein is too much? And how would you know? On this week’s edition of the Beyond Clean podcast we invite Dr. Thomas Vanzieleghem, Scientific Director & Biofilm expert with OneLIFE SA, to speak with us about protein detection technologies within the Sterile Processing industry. Dr. Vanzieleghem makes the case for the importance of protein monitoring and discusses the global challenges with ensuring our cleaning processes are doing what they should be doing, every instrument, every time. Make sure to tune into this engaging episode! 

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Policies & Patients:

Insights on Explant Reprocessing -
1 CE

Have you ever been asked to reprocess an implant device that had been removed from a patient? Chances are high that you have encountered this scenario at least once in your Sterile Processing career, but to date, there has been very little written or discussed on the topic. How can you ensure the device can be safely cleaned and given to a patient without manufacturer instructions or validation for reprocessing the single use implant? One of the few industry leaders who has provided any insight into this difficult topic is Nancy Chobin, President of Sterile Processing University, so we invited her to join this week's episode of the Beyond Clean podcast to try and answer a few of the most pressing questions related to policy and practice. Grab your orthopedic surgeon, Infection Control nurse, and Director of Quality for a pow-wow around this podcast and get the conversation going on explant reprocessing: to do, or not to do. That is the question!

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The dirty truth of loaner decontamination

1 CE

Decontamination of loaner and consignment instrument trays is one of the most complex processes in a Sterile Processing department, and yet many facilities simply treat every vendor tray the same way -- regardless of the manufacturer's specific instructions for use. On this week’s episode of the Beyond Clean podcast, we bring on Bob Marrs, the nationally known clinical educator, consultant, and brand new Vice President of Organizational Development at Beyond Clean, to discuss practical tips for reigning in the chaos of loaner decontamination. Tune in to hear the exciting news of Bob's new leadership role with our team and learn how your department can #FightDirty loaners, every tray, every time!

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the hidden history of ethylene oxide (eto)

1 CE

How much do you know about the history of ethylene oxide and the formative role it has played in modern medical device sterilization? For older generations of Sterile Processing professionals, images of large tanks and extended aeration times may come to mind. For younger generations of technicians, EtO technology may be little understood and likely even misunderstood. On this episode of the Beyond Clean podcast, we sit down with Ted May to discuss the hidden history of ethylene oxide, and discuss the importance of this sterilization modality to the past and future of the global sterile processing industry. No need to dust off the history books on this one – just tune in and let us take you Beyond Clean!