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CE CREDIT HUB | season 5

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Sealed and delivered

How complicated can it really be to drop an instrument into a peel pack, seal it up, and move on? The answer: very complicated and precise if you want to do so in a safe, reproducible manner. On this Season 5 kickoff episode, our Beyond Clean team sat down with Charlie Webb, Founder and President at Van der Stähl Scientific, to discuss the intricacies of medical device packaging and challenge assumptions regarding how and why these workflows look differently inside and outside of the hospital setting. Tune in this week to hear from one of the leading advocates for quality standards in medical device packaging in the US and ask yourself if there is anything your team can be doing to improve your own process.

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created to kill

Chemical Safety in the World of Clean - 1 CE

While manufacturer instructions for use (IFUs) are getting a lot of attention in Sterile Processing departments today, when it comes to chemical safety, you need to know exactly what your chemical's Safety Data Sheet (SDS) says. Did you know there's often important information in the SDS for using chemicals that may not be listed in the product IFU? On this episode of Season 5, we got Peggy Spitzer, Clinical Education Manager at Certol International, to step up to the Beyond Clean microphone to discuss important contours of chemical safety in Sterile Processing that can keep your teams safe and compliant. Tune in this week to hear about how to find Safety Data Sheets, how to read them, how they are updated, and much more!

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insights from south africa

Sterile Processing Perspectives & Regional Challenges - 1 CE

Have you ever wondered how Sterile Processing professionals handle their jobs on the other side of the globe? Do they have similar challenges as your country? Do they implement similar solutions? On this episode of the Beyond Clean podcast, we reached out the President of the CSSD forums of South Africa, Xana Jardine, to discuss an international perspective on Sterile Processing. Tune in this week to hear her insights into the regional issues facing their frontline technicians and department leaders in the country, and gain an inside look into the global industry of medical device reprocessing.

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higher education

Each year we see more and more technical colleges creating Sterile Processing programs across the US. What impact are they having on the job market and individual students who take that route into the industry? On episode 2 of Season 5, we invited Densley Coke, Sterile Processing Manager at Northside Forsyth Hospital and Adjunct Professor of the Sterile Process program at Gwinnett Technical College, to discuss the benefits these programs are giving their graduates and the departments they end up working in. Tune in this week to hear how these curriculums are created, what it's like to be a Sterile Processing professor, and the challenges to creating a program like this in your area.

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Certified quality

Taking Sterile Processing Surveys to the Next Level - 1 CE

How is quality measured in your Sterile Processing department? And, perhaps more importantly, how would patients know the difference between a hospital with a high quality instrument reprocessing team or one still struggling to implement best practices? On this episode of the Beyond Clean podcast, we talk to Jeremy Gibson-Roark, Certification Surveyor with DNV GL, about how departments are implementing quality management programs around the country, and the brand new department level Sterile Processing certification available through the DNV GL organization. Tune in this week to hear about this important advancement in accreditation services and how departments like yours could benefit from a different perspective on quality management. This is an episode you don't want to miss!

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The good, the bad, & the ugly

What to Look for in a Medical Device Sales Representative - 1 CE

What makes a great Medical Device Sales representative and why are they such a critical part of improving Sterile Processing quality? On this episode of the Beyond Clean podcast, we sat down with Nick Williams, an independent business consultant in the United Kingdom, and formerly Group Managing Director of Olympus KeyMed, to discuss the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to supporting customers in the medical device industry around the globe. Tune in this week to hear his decades of insights into the challenges facing sales reps in our space, what to expect from one before and after the sell, and how to deal with someone who is not meeting expectations. Grab your favorite sales rep and listen in!

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Shock treatment

A Conversation on Life Saving Insulation Testing - 1 CE

How dangerous are your insulated laparoscopic devices? How often are you performing insulation testing on them? Have you ever heard the full story on why these questions are so important? On episode 3 of Season 5, we invited Cheron Rojo, Clinical Education Coordinator SPD at Healthmark Industries, to discuss these critical topics and give us insight into the full scope of the problem. Tune in this week to hear what your team should be doing every day to protect patients from serious injury and even death when it comes to reprocessing insulated surgical instruments.

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creutzfeldt-jakob disease & prions

A Sterile Processing Focus - 1 CE

Although most Sterile Processing professionals around the globe have heard of Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease and prions, there are still many misconceptions around these topics and their importance in the context of Sterile Processing. On this episode of the Beyond Clean podcast, we talk to one of the world's foremost experts on the topic of prions and vCJD, Dr. David Perrett, Professor Emeritus of Bioanalytical Science, Barts & The London School of Medicine. Tune in this week for an introduction to prions, background to why they have become so pervasive in the news, and what you should be doing about it in your hospital. Grab your OR Director and Infection Preventionist to huddle around the stereo for this one!

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