Beyond Clean has developed one of the largest networks of thought-leaders and subject matter experts in the Sterile Processing industry. The Beyond Clean Speakers Bureau is your opportunity to bring these innovators, disruptors, and educators into your personal network and in front of your conference audiences to help Sterile Processing and Perioperative teams #FightDirty across the globe. From international conference settings to regional education seminars, we give you access to the passion and expertise of high quality speakers who can equip and inspire your teams.


Consultant / Entrepreneur / Inventor

Manager Sterile Processing


Shawn Flynn

Presentations include:

  • Check Your Title at the Door

  • Who Packs Your Parachute?

  • SPD Leadership: What leaders need to do in order to achieve success

Designing a Dream Department - Shawn Flynn
00:00 / 00:00

VP, Organizational Development

Beyond Clean


Bob Marrs

Presentations include:

  • The Real Life Dangers of CJD in Your Sterile Processing

  • The Dirty Truth of Loaner Decontamination

  • Inside Out: Surgical Quality Starts With Us

The CS Professional as a Patient, Lessons in Leadership, and Surgical Instrument Quality - Bob Marrs
00:00 / 00:00

Pediatric Surgeon

Chief Medical Officer Beyond Clean

Peter Nichol, MD

Presentations include:

  • Vendor Managed Inventory: Rethinking Healthcare Management and Economics

  • Occam’s razor and the OR: the simplest solution for reducing bio-burden on surgical tools

  • Re-thinking and Re-organizing Sterile Processing

Tray Optimization & Waste Reduction - Peter Nichol
00:00 / 00:00

Founder & CEO  Beyond Clean


Justin Poulin

Presentations include:

  • The Positive Impact of Social Media on Learning and Professional Growth

  • Don't Reinvent the Wheel: How to Operationalize SPD Excellence

  • The 9 Marks of a Marketable Sterile Processing Professional

Round Table Discussion: 2017 Review, Instrument Budget & Responding to Fast Paced Changes - Justin Poulin
00:00 / 00:00

President, Truscott MedSci Associates


Wava Truscott

Presentations include:

  • Decontamination Excellence from A to Z

  • Bacterial Warriors & Families Prefer Biofilm Housing: How to Prevent & Evict

  • Residues After Reprocessing & Their Associated Complications

Lint: Patient Enemy #1 - Wava Truscott
00:00 / 00:00

VP Analytics & Resource Development Beyond Clean


Michael Matthews

Presentations include:

  • Speaking the Right Language: When and How to Have the Single-Use Conversion Conversation

  • X-Ray Vision for SPD: Making the Case for Enhanced Visual Inspection

  • Burn Notice: Protecting Your Patients from Laparoscopic Burns

Season One Finale: A Year of Fighting Dirty - Michael Matthews
00:00 / 00:00

Executive Healthcare Consultant


David Taylor III

Presentations include:

  • Integrated Leadership: The SPD Leaders Role in Building and Sustaining Exceptional Outcomes Through Cultural Transformation

  • How to Perfect Your Central Sterile Supply Department

  • Reality Check: Material Management’s Impact on Surgical Services

OR/SPD Collaboration & The OR Today Live Conference - David Taylor
00:00 / 00:00

VP of Engineering and Product Development for Sterile Services, LLC., CRCST

Joel Schafer

Presentations include:

  • Autoclave Testing & Validation: The Science of Sterile

  • Fundamentals of Steam

  • Principals & Science of Sterility

  • Sterilization Monitoring

Autoclave Testing & Validation: The Science of Sterile - Joel Schafer
00:00 / 00:00

President, Sterile Processing University


Nancy Chobin

Presentations include:

  • Pitfalls and Vulnerabilities in the SPD Department

  • Murder in the 190th Degree – Effective Steam Sterilization  

  • Are your Endoscopes Patient Safe?

  • The Role of SPD in Patient Safety and Infection Prevention

An Industry In Transition - Stories from the Trenches - Nancy Chobin
00:00 / 00:00

Manager, Central Sterile

Altru Health System

Jenni Gibbs

Presentations include:

  • Sterile Scopes - The Final Frontier of Endoscope Reprocessing

  • Breaking the Mold: Building Trust and Support for New SPD Technologies

  • Competency Saves Lives: Developing SPD Teams Who Know What they are Doing and Why

Sterile Scopes - The Final Frontier of Endoscope Reprocessing - Jenni GIbbs
00:00 / 00:00

Founder & CEO, Ascendco Health

Brian Reed

Presentations include:

  • Mastering the Art of Sterile Processing with Informatics

  • Surgical Assets: Solving the Unsolvable

  • Get the investment you need to Advance your Sterile Processing: How to construct a Rock Solid Business Proposal

Startup Companies & Big Data - Brian Reed
00:00 / 00:00

Sterile Processing Education & Quality Coordinator, IU Health


Lisa Wakeman

Presentations include:

  • Sustaining a Reduced IUSS Rate

  • Creating Customer-Centric Experiences in Sterile Processing

  • Interpersonal Communication in the Perioperative Setting

  • Point-of-Use Cleaning

Getting Right to The Point of Use - Lisa Wakeman
00:00 / 00:00

CEO, Competency and Credentialing Institute (CCI)  & CCI Research Foundation


Jim Stobinski

Presentations include:

  • Let’s Talk About the Big “C” – Competency

  • CE Should Not Be A Commodity

  • The Twin Threats to Knowledge

  • It Takes Will and Skill – Succession Planning in the OR

Industry Certifications, Research Studies on Certification Impact, The Power of Data - Jim Stobinski
00:00 / 00:00

Director of Clinical Services,

Innovative Sterilization Technologies


Barbara Harmer

Presentations include:

  • The Importance of Water in the Reprocessing of Medical Devices

  • Steam Sterilization: What do you Know?

  • Surveying and What You Need to Know

  • AAMI ST79: An Update

Surveying the Surveyor, What You Need to Know - Barbara Harmer
00:00 / 00:00

President & CEO, Petriss

Andy Petrovich

Presentations include:

  • IFU Challenges, Technology, and Real World Compliance

  • Insights into Sterile Processing Management

  • Tackling the Complexity of Instrument Repair

  • Instrument Management 101

IFU Challenges, Technology, and Real World Compliance - Andy Petrovich
00:00 / 00:00

Managing Director, Quality Processing Resource Group


Jonathan Wilder

Presentations include:

  • Cleaning Indicators: What are they telling you and how do you use them?

  • Steam and Water Quality: The missing links in sterile processing success

The Secret Life of Steam Sterilization - Jonathan Wilder
00:00 / 00:00

Sr. Technical Manager, Client Services

HIGHPOWER Validation Testing & Lab Services

Don Tumminelli

Presentations include:

  • Validation vs Verification

  • Sterilization Demystified

  • Low Temperature Sterilization

  • To BI or not to BI

The Unknown World of Medical Device Validation - Don Tumminelli
00:00 / 00:00

Ph.D. Scientific Director, OneLife s.a.

Thomas Vanzieleghem

 Presentations include:

  • Journey inside lumens of medical devices : Reveal the invisible  

  • Biofilm accumulation on medical devices: How to Detect, Prevent and Treat

  • Good endoscope reprocessing practices to avoid biofilm contamination

International Biofilm Summit 2017 - Thomas Vanzieleghem
00:00 / 00:00

President & Founder

KLN Communications, Inc.

Kara Nadeau

Presentations include:

  • CS/SPD Salary Survey - Trends and Highlights on Industry Compensation

  • Healthcare Writing: Becoming the Author of your Sterile Processing Future

  • - Let Your Voice Be Heard: Tips for Providing Stellar Article Commentary

CSPD Salary Survey & Healthcare Writing - Kara Nadeau
00:00 / 00:00

Supply Chain Operations Manager


Alison Sonstelie

Presentations include:

  • A Winning Approach to Professional Relationships  -Service Agreements, Scripting, and Rounding

  • Making Sense of Point of Use Cleaning

  • Continuous Improvement for Everyday Processing

CS/SPD Department of The Year Award - Alison Sonstelie
00:00 / 00:00

Managing Director 

Central Sterilization Solutions


Harry Mullen

Presentations include:

  • Communication between the OR and SPD, Bridging the Gap & Improving Processes

  • Terminal Manual Cleaning. Are you following best practice?

Straight Talk on Sterile Processing Training Programs - Harry Mullen
00:00 / 00:00

President & CEO, Endoplus

Matthew Gudeman

Presentations include:

  • Why doesn’t the voice of SPD get through to Medical Device Designers? Confessions of a Laparoscopic OEM

  • Laparoscopic instrument repairs: Confessions of an OEM

  • OEM & 3rd party repair entities: A case study of cooperation

Instrument Quality in an Ocean of Confusion - Design Controls 101 - Matthew Gudeman
00:00 / 00:00

Managing Director, Surgical Holdings

Daniel Coole

Presentations include:

  • The new design horizons in surgical instruments

  • Water quality v surgical instruments - who wins?

  • Surgical instruments - a beginners guide. From steels to Spencer Wells

Daniel Coole: All You Ever Wanted to Know about Stainless Steel - Daniel Coole
00:00 / 00:00

Founder & Managing Director, Aseptium

Pawel de Sternberg Stojalowski

Presentations include:

  • Optimization of cleaning processes for complex surgical instruments

  • Process challenge Devices simulating of complex surgical instruments including hollow instruments

  • Cleaning systems for complex surgical instruments – challenges and solutions

  • Future Technologies for Sterile Services Departments

Decontamination Disruption, Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality Applications - Pawel de Sternberg Stojalowski:
00:00 / 00:00

Founder & CEO, ReadySet Surgical

Keerthi Kanubaddi

Presentations include:

  • Managing Surgeon preferences related to Vendor-managed inventory (VMI)

  • Consignment vs. Loaner optimization

  • Comparison of inventory tagging methodologies

Vendor Managed Inventory, Technology and Solutions - Keerthi Kanubaddi
00:00 / 00:00

President, SolutionWells, LLC

Rick Wells

Presentations include:

  • Root Causes of Instrument Damage

  • Custom Trays and Making the  Case for Justification 

  • The Dangers of "Business as Usual"

Root Causes of Instrument Damage, Custom Trays and Justification, The Dangers of "Business as Usual" - Rick Wells
00:00 / 00:00

President, Summate Technologies, Inc

Phil Sayles

Presentations include:

  • Lean process & Instrument Management 

  • ROI Analysis for Removing Instruments from Trays

  • Digital Management of Orthopedic Sets and Trays

  • Point of Use Scanning and Digital Record of Implant Usage

Digitalization of Surgical Implant Management - Phil Sayles
00:00 / 00:00

Marketing Director for Sterilization, Surgical and Infection Prevention,

Halyard Health

Joseph Hannibal

Presentations include:

  • Gaining consensus and making the right sterile packaging systems selection for your facility

  • The SPD of the future: How flexible design solutions in the hospital can increase efficiency and savings

  • How medical manufacturers can make an impact on hospital and SPD design

  • How product choice and on-going risk assessments in the SPD impact the patient experience

Founder & CEO, Circle of Care


Kisha Miller

Presentations include:

  • Silos are for Farmers

  • Trust, respect, and collaboration the trifecta for creating high performance teams

  • How to lead when you're not in charge 

  • From competition to camaraderie

Independent Consultant


Julia Jackson

Presentations include:

  • SSI prevention in the OR/CSS Setting

  • Quality Assurance in Sterilization and Disinfection

  • Challenges in TJC HLD Compliance: Building a community of Practice

Director Sterile Processing


Marjorie Wall

Presentations include:

  • SSI prevention in the OR/CSS Setting

  • Quality Assurance in Sterilization and Disinfection

  • Challenges in TJC HLD Compliance: Building a community of Practice

Technical Consulting Manager Sr. Scientist, Nelson Laboratories


Emily Mitzel

Presentations include:

  • Important Considerations in the Third-Party Reprocessing of Single-Use Medical Devices 

  • New Trends in Cleaning Validations

  • Water Quality for CSSD 101

President, David Jagrosse Consulting


David Jagrosse

Presentations include:

  • Instructions for use and their importance

  • CSS@War

  • Wet Packs: Time to Reprocess

  • The Challenge of BIOfilms

  • Cleaning Verification

  • Inspection and Testing of Laparoscopic Instruments

Logistics Manager Americas, Nutrace

Gus Vargas

Presentations include:

  • High Reliability in Sterile Processing

  • Cross-training vs. Specialization

  • Lean Concepts for SPD

New Speaker applications are being reviewed on a rolling basis.

Additional Speakers

Stay tuned as the Beyond Clean Speakers Bureau continues to grow our all-star talent.

Director Central Sterile Processing


James Carlock

Presentations include:

  • The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing:  Patient Safety in Sterile Processing

  • Why do they act that way?:  Applied Psychology in the Sterile Processing Department

  • Streamlining the Work Through Instrument Set Standardization

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