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Great products and services drive the Sterile Processing industry forward and Beyond Clean Vendor Spotlights are the conduit for hospital professionals to hear about the newest innovations hitting the market, or discuss a cutting edge service offering that may change the way their departments are run. 

Through our Beyond Clean Vendor Spotlight series, we've created a platform for vendors to talk about their products and services and tell their brand story in a creative, conversational, and informative setting.

No appointment necessary. No five-minute speed conversation in a loud expo hall. No cold calls. 

Real Insights. Real Comparisons. Real Value. 

More Vendor Spotlights releasing soon!

FC & BC - Surfacide Vendor Spotlight (SQ).png

Fact Vs Fiction

With Featured Guest:
Gunner Lyslo

What have you heard about UV-C disinfection? Are all low-level disinfection devices created equally? Find out the truth about UV-C disinfection in this exciting Beyond Clean Vendor Spotlight™ with Gunner Lyslo, Founder and CEO of Surfacide. Learn how low-level disinfection with UV-C energy significantly reduces the presence of viruses and bacteria, and find out how it disinfects colonized surfaces in our operating rooms. We’ll also discover how providing an added layer of disinfection with Surfacide’s best-in-class Helios System increases patient, surgeon, and employee confidence, builds patient loyalty, and even improves HCAHPS scores. If you want to be confident that your operating rooms aren’t harboring an enemy that you can’t see, tune in today! 


You can learn more about the world’s only American made, patented, triple emitter robotic UV-C light solution available on the market today by visiting their website. You can also follow Surfacide on LinkedIn and Facebook


perfect wash control system

With Featured Guests:
Mark Duro & Hisashi Konno

How do you avoid human error within your critical Sterile Processing workflows? What can you do today to improve traceability and reduce time spent waiting on monitoring results at every stage of reprocessing? Joining us for this Beyond Clean Vendor Spotlight™ are Terragene team members Mark Duro CRCST, FCS, Industry Subject Matter Expert & Education Manager and Hisashi Konno, Biomedical Engineer & Product Specialist to speak with us about the role that constant innovation plays in keeping our departments ahead of the technology curve. With patient safety in surgery completely dependent on compliant reprocessing protocols in Sterile Processing, comprehensive solutions are a must-have. Listen as they describe how Terragene is leading the industry with cutting edge technology to make this both possible and affordable for hospitals around the country, and across the globe.


To learn more about Terragene, visit Follow Terragene on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram for the latest company updates. For general information, reach out to or better yet, contact Ruben Rios in marketing or Mark directly via email!

Pull-Thru 2022 Vendor Spotlight_SQ.png

THe evidence of clean

With Featured Guest:
Jason Minutillo

Effective endoscopy cleaning is one of the greatest challenges of modern instrument reprocessing. Superbugs and healthcare-acquired infections (HAIs) are lurking in unseen channels and studies are showing many of our current cleaning practices are still missing the mark. Joining us for this Beyond Clean Vendor Spotlight™ is Jason Minutillo, Director of Quality for SPD and HLD for UCHealth, to speak to the critical role that manual cleaning in general, and effective brushing in particular, plays in taking these medical devices from dirty to clean so that they can be dependably disinfected or sterilized. Learn about the evidence the PULL THRU™ team use to support their belief that the PULL THRU™ Cleaning Brush is the most beneficial single-pass cleaning brush on the market today. Tune in to hear more! 


If you enjoy what you hear on today's Vendor Spotlight™, contact PULL THRU™ or your local distributor for a demo pack – containing a short length of channel and a PULL THRU™ brush. Dip one end of the tube into a cup of cold coffee and see how well the PULL THRU™ brush works (but don’t drink the coffee afterwards!) You can also visit PULL THRU™ on their website, email them at, or follow them on LinkedIn and Twitter.

IST 2022 Trifecta Vendor Spotlight_SQ.png

The spd trifecta

With Featured Guests:
Roger Fries, Ryan Pistone, & Rick Martz

Nothing that happens in our Sterile Processing departments happens in a silo -- especially when it comes to the reprocessing workflow of our surgical trays. Even though we know this truth, it can be difficult to see the impact each member of the larger healthcare team has on our daily mission: Sterile Processing, Vendor Reps, and the Manufacturer. How can these three perspectives align to overcome the reprocessing challenges we all face? On this week’s release of the Beyond Clean Vendor Spotlight™ series we speak with Roger Fries, SPD clinical manager at OrthoIndy in Indianapolis, Ryan Pistone, Former orthopedic representative at Zimmer Biomet, and Rick Martz, sales representative of ONE TRAY® and EZ-TRAX™ at 3T Medical about their experiences navigating the complexities of supporting surgery with sterile inventory, every surgery, every time. Join us for a conversation that goes beyond assumptions to what each perspective really adds to getting surgical instruments from dirty, to clean, to sterile, without missing a beat!


You can learn more by visiting or by e-mailing them at Don't forget to look for educational information and ask questions directly on LinkedIn and Facebook.

Healthmark VS Fall 2021_SQ.png

the mvp's of instrument inspection

With Featured Guest:
Kevin Anderson

If you take a close look around you the next time you're in the middle of a Sterile Processing department, there are so many things around you that can & should be tested and inspected. What are the most valuable tools out there today that can help you optimize your processes and better protect your patients? On this Beyond Clean Vendor Spotlight™ we talk with Kevin Anderson, Clinical Education Specialist at Healthmark Industries, about the what, why, and how behind the unique solutions their team have brought to market that are changing the way Sterile Processing professionals fight dirty, every instrument, every time. Tune in now to learn how important it is to be checking your pulse flow lumen washers, testing your laparoscopic insulation, and more! If patient safety is your goal, this is a conversation you won't want to miss!


Visit for more information or call 1-800-521-6224. Healthmark provides free consultations for enhanced inspection, endoscope reprocessing, Joint Commission preparation, and more. Follow Healthmark Industries on LinkedInFacebook, and YouTube

Aesculap 1 Vendor Spotlight_SQ.png

Operate with Greater precision through education

With Featured Guest:
Taylor Hamscher

Effective education programs for the Sterile Processing and Operating Room spaces help build staff confidence and lower staff frustration. On this Beyond Clean Vendor Spotlight we talk with Taylor Hamscher, Associate Product Manager at Aesculap USA about their innovative education programs presented by clinical subject matter experts live, virtually, and on-site that address patient outcomes, operational efficiency, sustainability, and clinical & staff satisfaction. Tune in to hear how the clinical team at Aesculap is helping teams operate with greater precision by closing the knowledge gaps and reducing errors in Sterile Processing and Operating Rooms everywhere.


Visit Aesculap online at and check out the Aesculap Academy at Get updates on products and services by following Aesculap on LinkedIn

Turbett Vendor Spotlight_SQ (1).png

Answering the million-dollar question

With Featured Guest:
Sean Bogle

One of the biggest questions on the minds of healthcare professionals today is how to reduce case delays? On this Beyond Clean Vendor Spotlight we speak with Sean Bogle, Vice President of Turbett Surgical about the Turbett Surgical Instrument Pod- a multi-tray sterilization unit that generates efficiencies by enabling the sterilization of up to 15 trays at once. We discuss the value and impact the Turbett Surgical Instrument Pod has on the Operating Room and Sterile Processing departments by improving staff satisfaction, by eliminating holes in wraps, and by significantly reducing medical waste. You’re not going to want to miss this!


Visit Turbett Surgical online at E-mail 

to see how this technology can impact your facility. Follow Turbett Surgical on LinkedIn and Instagram and check out their product videos on YouTube

Healthmark VS Fall 2021_SQ (1).png

the only way

With Featured Guest:
Kevin Anderson

There is only one way to inspect internal channels of medical devices in Sterile Processing. On this Beyond Clean Vendor Spotlight we talk with Kevin Anderson, Clinical Education Specialist at Healthmark Industries, about the newly released FIS-007 Inspection Borescope designed to inspect channels as small as 1.1mm diameter with interchangeable sizes to meet the specific needs of your department. With a compact design, easy setup, and the option to save photos and videos of your medical devices, your staff can move medical devices confidently to the next stage in reprocessing. Tune in now to learn more! 


Visit for more information or call 1-800-521-6224. Healthmark provides free consultations for enhanced inspection, endoscope reprocessing, Joint Commission preparation, and more. Follow Healthmark Industries on LinkedInFacebook, and YouTube 

Terragene Vendor Spotlight_SQ.png

Clean you can count on

With Featured Guests:
Debbie Armstrong & Dr. Augusto Sorrequieta, PhD

When it comes to safe surgical devices, if you are not certain it’s clean, it doesn’t matter what you do next, and your surgical patients could be at risk. On this Beyond Clean Vendor Spotlight we speak with Debbie Armstrong and Dr. Augusto Sorrequieta, PhD. at Terragene, an innovative new company about the Perfect Wash Control System - a complete and automated cleaning monitoring system designed to react to all critical parameters in washer-disinfector cycles. For an accurate and convenient method of routine control and an assurance of disinfection in your mechanical washers, every cycle, every time, press play to listen now! 

Learn more by visiting Terragene's website or contact Debbie and  Augusto by e-mailing Follow them on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

Belintra Vendor Spotlight_SQ.png

Sustainable Storage

When it comes to sterile storage, disorganization can cost a lot of money in inefficiencies and case delays, especially when critical trays are hard to find. On this Beyond Clean Vendor Spotlight we talk with Phillip Van Gorp, President of  Belintra Med IT and Storage Solutions about SMART-FOLD* STERISYSTEM®, a two-touch tray storage and transport solution, installed by Sterile Processing subject matter experts, that helps ensure sterility and provides a comprehensive, economical solution to common storage and transport challenges in Sterile Processing. If you’re searching for more space or your staff has a difficult time finding the trays needed by the Operating Room quickly, you’re going to want to tune into this interview! 

For a no-cost, on-site assessment and to learn more about the SMART-FOLD* STERISYSTEM®, visit

ASP Vendor Spotlight_Sq.png


How often do you get the chance to go behind the scenes with the people who are developing products that drive technology and the ability to meet the demands of the industry? On this Beyond Clean Vendor Spotlight we interview Ben Fryer, Principal Scientist with Advanced Sterilization Products (ASP). Ben developed the ASP STERRAD VELOCITY® Biological Indicator (BI)/ Process Challenge Device (PCD), the first and only all-in-one BI/PCD designed for the STERRAD® System. Reduce risk, comply with industry standards, save time, and go inside the creator’s design process of this game-changing product by tuning in now.  


To learn more about STERRAD VELOCITY® Biological Indicator (BI)/ Process Challenge Device (PCD) visit ASP's website, and follow Advanced Sterilization Products on LinkedIn.

SQ TRICOR Systems Vendor Spotlight.png

blown away

As healthcare professionals, we are no strangers to the complexity of flexible endoscope reprocessing. With different regulatory standards and IFUs to follow, it is hard to believe there is no clear direction to the process of drying internal endoscope channels--that is--until now. On this Beyond Clean Vendor Spotlight, we talk with George Cronin, National Sales Manager at TRICOR Systems Inc., about the innovative approach his company is taking to automate the endoscope drying process. TRICOR Systems Dri-Scope Aid® products eliminate the growth of bioburden by automating a steady flow of air that can leave the channel dry in just ten minutes. Tune in now to discover how TRICOR is standardizing the endoscope drying process to ensure a safe and repeatable process. 

If you are interested in learning more about the Dri-Scope Aid® family of products, visit their website  or send them an email for a virtual consultation to discover what products will work best in your department. Follow Dri-Scope Aid® on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for exclusive news and product updates.  

HuFriedy Vendor Spotlight SQ.png

driving dental compliance

With Featured Guest:
Jessica Wilson, MPH

Imagine sitting in the dentist chair waiting for your teeth cleaning when a staff member walks in with a tray of unwrapped instruments. If you are like us, not only does this make you cringe, but you know that this is a BIG infection prevention red flag! On this Beyond Clean Vendor Spotlight we talk with Jessica Wilson from HuFriedyGroup about infection prevention compliance. Jessica discusses the IMS™ Cassette Instrument Management System – a system that provides users with the tools needed to reprocess dental instruments safely and efficiently, while remaining compliant with reprocessing guidelines. Tune in now to discover how this innovative system is increasing dental procedure output while improving overall patient and staff experience. 


If you are interested in learning more about IMS you can visit the HuFriedyGroup website for a free virtual IMS consultation. Follow HuFriedyGroup on LinkedIn,

InstagramFacebookTwitter, and YouTube for exclusive news, product updates, and training tools for success.

RST Vendor Spotlight Graphic (4).png

ready, aim, automate

With Featured Guest:
Braun Kiess

There are things that people do well and things that machines do well. By combining those two, we get the optimal result of a collaboration between humans and machines. Parts of the average Sterile Processing Department already include some kind of automation. But what about all those other dangerous, boring, or overly complex tasks that Sterile Processing technicians struggle to complete on a daily basis? The technology that helps us solve those challenges already exists and on this week's release of the Vendor Spotlight Series we talk with Braun Kiess, Co-Founder and Chief Sales and Finance Officer of RST Automation, about the AIM Tray Assembly and AIM Peel Pack Systems. These systems are changing the way Sterile Processing Departments are utilizing technology to improve quality, efficiency, and effectiveness. Can humans collaborate with technology? They can and should! Listen now to find out why. 


Contact RST Automation via

e-mail or, follow RST Automation on LinkedIn and Facebook and visit their website to learn more. 

Hanel Vendor Spotlight Graphic2.jpg

sterile storage wars

With Featured Guest:
Amy Flynn

When someone asks if storage is an issue for your Sterile Processing department, what is your first response…to roll your eyes perhaps? But what if looking up…is the ticket? Let’s face it, the need for space in Sterile Processing is an issue for many healthcare facilities and the implications of not having enough storage to keep up with the demand of the OR means potential revenue lost. On this episode of the Beyond Clean Vendor Spotlight Series we talk with Amy Flynn, North American OR/CS Market Manager for Hänel Storage Systems about the lessons learned from other industries in using vertical space to combat the storage issues that come with adding new procedures and equipment. The vertical storage carousel technology that has benefited countless industries is available to help decrease the time it takes to pick a case cart, integrate with tracking systems to give real-time inventory data, protect the staff in your department from an ergonomic perspective, and ultimately make better use of what little storage space is available. It’s time to look up and tune in to learn more.


Learn more about Hänel Storage Systems by visiting their website. Follow Hänel Storage Systems on LinkedIn and Twitter. You can also

e-mail the Hänel Storage Systems team. Download case studies and white papers by clicking here.

Altaire Vendor Spotlight V1 FINAL.png

air matters

With Featured Guests:
Jim Meacham & Jim Johnston

In the healthcare setting, air matters. Humidity control is challenging, risky, and has big implications on patient safety and air quality is at the forefront of discussion as we seek more and more research on the aerosolization of viruses. On this episode of the Beyond Clean Vendor Spotlight Series we talk with Jim Johnston and Jim Meacham, Principles at Altaire Systems, about their ADAPT line of products—tailor-made for healthcare facilities struggling with humidity related issues like mold, mildew, and other unhealthy conditions in critical environments throughout the healthcare facility. We discuss their modular solution that complements and supports your current heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system that is simple, cost-effective, and can support your facility's green initiatives as well. Is there a way to properly take humidity out of the air and promote clean healthy air throughout your healthcare facility? There is. Tune in now to learn how!


Visit Altaire Systems online or contact Jim Johnston or Jim Meacham via email for specific questions and information.

ChemDAQ Vendor Spotlight (2).png

the invisible threat

With Featured Guest:
David Hilliker

What do Hydrogen Peroxide, Ethylene Oxide and Peracetic Acid have in common? They are all designed to kill and ChemDAQ Inc. is the innovator behind the best-in-class chemical monitoring systems that are critical to keeping workers safe around them. For 30 years, ChemDAQ Inc. has been creating technology that monitors real-time levels of the most dangerous chemicals used in hospitals. On this week's release of the Beyond Clean Vendor Spotlight Series, we speak with David Hilliker about the evolution of this technology, the importance of continuous monitoring and the critical nature of impending alerts for these chemicals. David talks about current exposure level studies happening around the world and gives advice on how to move this important safety conversation up from the user level to administration. This conversation couldn't come at a better time in healthcare, so tune in now!


Learn more by visiting their website, contacting them via e-mail and look for educational information and ask questions directly on LinkedIn and Facebook.

Certol Vendor Spotlight (1).png

a Chemical education

With Featured Guest: 
Peggy Spitzer & Brett Norton

When it comes to implementing reliable consistent chemicals to do the dirtiest jobs in sterile processing, few names rise to the top like Certol International. With a 40-year track record in chemical manufacturing for infection prevention products, Certol International embodies a commitment to quality that is long-lasting. On this week’s release of the Beyond Clean Vendor Spotlight series we speak with Peggy Spitzer and Brett Norton about the common issue experienced in healthcare facilities of soils drying on surgical instrumentation and we take a deep dive into the role of chemicals and the correct application of them. Certol International led the charge when it came to point-of-use cleaning and during this episode we talk with them about their products that are shaping instrument care.

Learn more by visiting their website. Call Certol at 1-800-843-3343 and ask for Peggy or contact her via e-mail for educational information and to ask questions directly. Follow Certol on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook


lost no more

With Featured Guest:
Geoffrey Broninx

What if there were a tool that allowed your Sterile Processing team to quickly and accurately identify loaner instruments for reassembly? No need to call a vendor, no frustrating case delays because of incomplete trays, and no more replacement costs for missing vendor instruments. As we kick off the brand new Beyond Clean Vendor Spotlight series, we will be talking to Geoffrey Broninx about the innovative work being done at ATH Medical to overcome the global challenges of loaner instrument traceability. Geoffrey will also discuss big opportunities for Sterile Processing departments in the USA to bring the AnciTrak system into their hospitals to experience the solution in person! Tune in today for information on how to win a free trial, and plan on visiting their booth #759 at the IAHCSMM Annual Conference & Expo in Anaheim!

Follow ATH Medical on Instagram and LinkedIn.

Visit their website or send them an

e-mail  for more information today!


Guide to success

With Featured Guest:
Amanda Prussing

How do you ensure your endoscopes are procedure and audit-ready, going beyond the simple tracking of endoscopes across your facility? What if you had a guide to help your team walk through the complete endoscope reprocessing loop? On this Beyond Clean Vendor Spotlight™ series, we sit down with Amanda Prussing, SPM® Product Manager at STERIS, to discuss the SPM® Endo Workflow Solution, which supports all scope management processes, whether based on terminal sterilization or high-level disinfection. We dive into the value of guided workflows created in this solution which marry the IFUs and reprocessing requirements of your scope inventory with the reprocessing capabilities of your department. Tune in to hear how SPM® Endo helps you produce safe, effective, quality confirming outcomes for your scope processing procedures.


Follow STERIS Healthcare Products on LinkedIn, Visit STERIS University to earn FREE CEs, and learn more about the SPM® Endo Workflow Solution by visiting their website.

Aesculap 2022 Container Vendor Spotlight_SQ.png

The processing powerhouse: containers that operate with greater precision

With Featured Guest:
Michael Strand

With features that help streamline processes and reduce the possibility of wet sets, Aesculap’s next generation rigid container is everything you’d expect from the market leader.¹ The new AESCULAP Aicon™ Sterile Container System is a sterilization powerhouse that delivers 100% container and basket synchronization, up to 47 percent less dry time with the Enhanced Drying System (EDS)² and up to a 200 percent increase in sterile aseptic area.³ On this Beyond Clean Vendor Spotlight™ we talk with Michael Strand, Regional Sales Director at Aesculap AIC about the ways these containers may provide an immediate impact to patient outcomes, operational efficiency, sustainability, and staff satisfaction. Tune in to hear how Aesculap's constant innovation offers the most comprehensive, FDA-approved selection of container sizes and applications on the market, including steam, IUSS and ETO modalities. 


Visit Aesculap online at and check out the Aesculap Academy at Get updates on products and services by following Aesculap (US) on LinkedIn.

Acertara 2022 Vendor Spotlight_SQ.png

Seeking safer probes

With Featured Guest:
Levi Moore

The world of safely & compliantly managing ultrasound probe inventory is no easy feat. Manual leak testing is excessively time-consuming, and the lack of proactive equipment management leaves these high-cost devices open to regular inventory downtime and catastrophic failure. On this Beyond Clean Vendor Spotlight™, we speak with Levi Moore, B.Sc., MBA, President and COO Acertara Acoustic Laboratories, about his company's mission to simultaneously reduce the costs associated with maintaining this equipment, while ensuring both patient and user safety, as well as the clinical integrity of the ultrasound examination itself. Tune in to find out about how the Ampsafe™ microprocessor based Ultrasound Transducer Leakage tester automates the manual steps currently required in leakage testing, presents actual leakage values, ensures data integrity, and automatically communicates these results to your clinical engineer team!


Sterile Processing departments who are interested in moving their electrical testing into an automated and time and money-saving process can contact Levi's team through their website, via email, or by phone (303.834.8413). Don't forget to follow Acertara on LinkedIn for more education around ultrasound quality, testing, and safety!

Symmetry 2022 Vendor Spotlight_SQ.png

Empowered by Data

With Featured Guest:
MarBeth Petty

What impact does surgical instrument data have on the real-world challenges we face daily in Sterile Processing? Is it possible to increase efficiency and reduce costs in the current age of systemic staffing shortages? On this Beyond Clean Vendor Spotlight™, we speak with MarBeth Petty, Instrument Implementation Manager with Symmetry Surgical, about how their team is empowering Sterile Processing departments across the country with powerful inventory data to make lasting, positive changes in their facilities. Tune in as MarBeth shares a story of how this collaboration impacted a local hospital and led them to extend the data initiative across their entire health system!


Click on the "Bonus Content" in your Beyond Clean Mobile App for this episode to download the latest Symmetry Surgical whitepaper discussed on this episode or click here to download. Visit their website to learn more about how Symmetry Surgical Instrument Inventory Solutions like Count Sheet Commander™ and Set IQ™ are helping Sterile Processing teams just like yours, leverage the power of data to improve your department! 

IST 2022 Beta User Vendor Spotlight_SQ.png

in the beginning

With Featured Guests:
David Jagrosse & Sarah B. Cruz

Nothing compares to true clinical user insight on how, where, and when a medical device fits into the workflow of our surgical teams. After all, clinicians know better than anyone else what they need to do their jobs more effectively, develop compliant department policies, and fight dirty, every instrument, every time. On this week’s release of the Beyond Clean Vendor Spotlight™ Series, we speak with David Jagrosse, CRCST, CHL & Sarah B Cruz, CSPDT, CRCST, CHL about their experiences from beta-users to long time advocates of the ONE TRAY® Sterilization Container, and what they've learned along the way about creating survey-proof policies, product onboarding, and the science of safe device reprocessing. Join us as we hear about their decade of experience with one of the most disruptive devices in the industry today. 


You can learn more by visiting or by e-mailing them at Don't forget to look for educational information and ask questions directly on LinkedIn and Facebook.

Belimed Spotlight_SQ.png

The digital Transformation of sterile processing

With Featured Guests:
Mohammed Murad & Philippe Heim

What if the technology of tomorrow was already available to change the way you run your Sterile Processing department today? How would remote access to your department's reprocessing equipment and workflow impact your ability to better provide excellent care to your Operating Room customers? Joining us on this Beyond Clean Vendor Spotlight to discuss these exciting technologies are Belimed team members Mohammed Murad, Regional Business Owner of Connectivity and Philippe Heim, Global Head for Digitalization. During this exclusive interview, you'll hear how Belimed's new SmartHub software can provide real time machine data designed to benefit the entire Sterile Processing team through continuously evolving features and updates, like remote access, dashboards, e-learning, troubleshooting, and more. With surgical innovation continuing to flow into our hospitals at an ever-increasing rate, it's time for our SPD departments to finally get ahead of the technology curve.


Tune in to learn how the SmartHub software is making that possible for Sterile Processing professionals just like you! For more information about how Belimed is transforming the surgical instrument reprocessing landscape, visit You can also follow Belimed on social media by visiting them on LinkedIn and Facebook.

STERIS 3 Vendor Spotlight_SQ (2).png

be prepared

With Featured Guest:
Mark Munroe

At some point, you may be faced with an emergency that completely disrupts your department workflow. On this Beyond Clean Vendor Spotlight we continue the conversation with Mark Munroe, VP of Strategic Projects and Mobile Solutions, about the STERIS Mobile Sterile Processing Unit- a 53-foot trailer that transforms into a state-of-the-art mobile Sterile Processing Department well-suited for when an emergency strikes. Mark discusses emergency preparedness and what situations may warrant a mobile unit. If you are curious about who can come to the rescue in your department’s time of need, tune in now.


Follow STERIS Healthcare Products on LinkedIn, Visit STERIS University to Earn FREE CEs, and learn more about the STERIS Mobile Sterile Processing Unit by visiting

IST 2021 Vendor Spotlight_Sq.png

Competency for all

With Featured Guests:
Barbara Ann Harmer & Lisa McKown

Understanding cross-contamination is fundamental to being successful Operating Room Nurses, Infection Prevention Practitioners, Surgical Techs, and Sterile Processing Professionals. On this Beyond Clean Vendor Spotlight we talk with Barbara Ann Harmer, RN, VP of Clinical Services at Innovative Sterilization Technologies and Lisa McKown, Manager of Research and Development at Beyond Clean about a brand new first-of-its-kind interdisciplinary microcredential through the Competency & Credentialing Institute that has value in every area of healthcare. Tune in to learn from the microcredential course developer and one of the first participants in this program about the ways in which educational offerings of this kind will impact hospitals around the globe. 


Register for this microcredential on the Beyond Clean website.

Stat Tech Vendor Spotlight_SQ (1).png

Storage solutions on the move

Occasionally, you interact with a family-owned business with a dream to carry their product solutions from a regional level to a national level. On this Beyond Clean Vendor Spotlight we talk with Brad Fitzpatrick, co-owner of Stat-Tech Surgical Supply Company, family-owned business, about their vision to offer storage and shelving, stackable plastic bins, cart covers, case carts, and enclosed cabinets that meet specific needs of a Sterile Processing department. If you’re looking for a one-stop-shop for storage and transportation solutions and exclusive tri-state area pricing country-wide, you’re going to want to tune in now! 

Visit, e-mail, or call 973-227-0031 to learn more about Stat Tech Surgical Supply Company solutions and connect on LinkedIn for company updates.

ChemDAQ Vendor Spotlight_SQ (1).png

Designed to kill

What do flexible endoscopes and poultry have in common? I think many would be surprised to learn that the chemical used to make these two very different things safe is the commonality. Peracetic acid is used in hospitals for high-level disinfection and liquid chemical sterilization and in the foodservice industry to disinfect meat products. The difference is in the dose and on this Beyond Clean Vendor Spotlight we talk with David Hilliker, President and CEO of ChemDAQ Inc., about a chemical that is designed to kill and a brand new Peracetic Acid sensor, Steri-Trac 2 and 2+ that can help keep you safe. If you've been wondering how to  ensure worker safety around these toxic chemicals during medical device reprocessing, we've got the answer right here. Tune in now to find out! 


Learn more by visiting the ChemDAQ website, contacting them via e-mail and look for educational information and ask questions directly on LinkedIn and Facebook.

Heine Vendor Spotlight_SQ.png

Breathe easy

In healthcare, small changes in regulations and disruptions in supply chain can have a ripple effect on an industry. On this Beyond Clean Vendor Spotlight, we talk with Christian Berling, VP of Sales and Marketing at Heine, about going back to the drawing board to manufacture the industry's only reusable LED laryngoscope handle that can be sterilized without any disassembly with a validated low-level disinfection process. Protect your facility with safe reusable products that have financial and environmental benefits, with no fear of supply chain interruptions. Tune in now to learn more! 


Visit or e-mail to access a Yale study comparing the cost and environmental impact between reusable and disposable laryngoscope systems. Visit their website to learn more about their diagnostic equipment solutions. 

Andersen Sterilizers Vendor Spotlight SQ

superbugs be gone

Picture it: you turn on the news and the top story reads “infectious outbreak linked to hospital and clinic endoscopes.” Let the media storm and regulatory survey frenzy begin! As Sterile Processing professionals, this is our industry’s worst nightmare and on this Beyond Clean Vendor Spotlight, we talk with Ted May from Andersen Sterilizers and Dr. Larry Muscarella from LFM Healthcare Solutions LLC about a one of a kind sterilization technology proven to sterilize the toughest endoscopes on the market. Ted introduces the EOGas 4®-- the first sterilization system to receive FDA clearance for terminal sterilization of duodenoscopes and colonoscopes. Dr. Muscarella offers his device reprocessing expertise to support the use of EO for endoscope sterilization. Tune in now to discover how high efficiency EO sterilization system is ensuring the highest level of sterility for our industry’s toughest endoscopes.


If you are interested in learning more about the EOGas 4® you can visit the Andersen Sterilizers website to sign up for email updates. Follow Andersen Sterilizers on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube for exclusive news, product updates, and training tools. 

HM Square1.png

visualize quality

With Featured Guest:
Kevin Anderson

Picture this: You are assembling a tray; the phone rings and it is the operating room with news that the rigid scope they are using on a patient isn't working properly. Let the mad rush to get new equipment up to that OR begin! We have all been there and on this Beyond Clean Vendor Spotlight we talk with Kevin Anderson from Healthmark Industries about an easy way to significantly improve the rigid endoscope quality that is being delivered to the operating room. The EndoPro-Cam® is a portable endoscopic video system that provides an easy-to-use quality check for Sterile Processing Technicians to perform a simple function test of rigid endoscopes to ensure they are producing a high-quality image. It is the power of having a video tower in the palm of your hand at every station--in other words--every SPD Manager's dream! Tune in now to see how this revolutionary new product can prevent broken and malfunctioning endoscopes from making their way into the surgeon's hands. 


Visit Healthmark Industries website to sign up for the Healthmark Digest newsletter. Follow them on LinkedInInstagram, and Twitter for updates on new products and free and engaging educational opportunities. 

Surgio SQ (1).png

from chaos to consistency

With Featured Guests:
Chris Stewart & Jeff Wertz

In a perfect world, vendors and manufacturers would consult with both Sterile Processing and Operating Room professionals as they build their products. This would ensure that any products put in place would help solve the chaotic nature of these departments rather than add to it. What if you were to learn that there is a solution that has taken this approach? A solution that turns chaos into consistency. On this week’s release of the Beyond Clean Vendor Spotlight Series, we speak with Chris Stewart and Jeff Wertz from Surgio Health about their tray tracking system that addresses everything from communication and visibility to the data that you need as a department leader to finally explain things like why cases are being delayed or why you’re succeeding in reducing SSI rates in a particular service line. Tune in now to learn more about a system that creates alignment and consistent expectations for vendors and hospital departments alike, so everyone is more comfortable going into those busy loaner days.  


Follow Surgio Health on LinkedIn and find out additional information on their website.

Alfa Laval SQ.png

safety at the source

With Featured Guest:
Pat Leach

The words ‘biofilm’ and ‘disinfection’ are commonly used in Sterile Processing departments, but did you know these terms are also applicable when talking about your hospital’s HVAC system? In the healthcare setting, we often take for granted the air around us. We cannot see it, but we know it’s there and it has the ability to carry dangerous microorganisms with it from room to room and floor to floor throughout the hospital. On this episode of the Beyond Clean Vendor Spotlight Series we talk with Pat Leach, Business Development Manager at Alfa Laval, about the system that acts as the lungs of the hospital--conditioning, cleaning and carrying air to occupants throughout the building. The heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system is capable of allowing biofilms living inside of it to survive, thrive and be carried throughout the hospital. Pat Leach discusses an HVAC technology that combines Liquid desiccant solution dehumidification and Ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) to disinfect the air, remove pathogens in the air stream, and ensure that the air we breathe is helping rather than hurting healthcare workers and the patients we serve. Tune in now for this discussion!


Learn more about Alfa Laval by visiting their website. Follow Alfa Laval on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. You can also e-mail Pat Leach for more information or call 716-259-0772.

IST Vendor Spotlight2 V2 FINAL (1).png

responding to post covid surgical volumes

With Featured Guest:
Chuck Kemp

If someone told you there is a way to process a total knee set in 1 hour 23 minutes vs. 4 hours and 7 minutes, would you hesitate? The tune of the conversation in healthcare has changed to that of resuming elective surgeries post-COVID and finding efficiencies is the only way to keep up with the increasing case load. What are the products that can help surgery centers and hospitals with both efficiency and safety?


On this week’s release of the Beyond Clean Vendor Spotlight Series, we talk to Chuck Kemp, President of Education for Innovative Sterilization Technologies, about how the ONE TRAY® Sealed Sterilization Containers and EZ-TRAX™- a fully customizable way to consolidate your trays - can speed up processes, maintain patient safety measures, and get the OR and surgeons what they need when they need it at a pace necessary to meet the demand. It is said that an OR minute costs $150/minute. How much could your OR be saving with this system? Tune in now to find out.


Learn more by visiting OneTray's website, contacting them via e-mail and look for educational information and ask questions directly on LinkedIn and Facebook

Vendor Spotlight- OpFlowTech (5).png

Smart Data

With Featured Guest:
David Rowe & Dr. Martyn Knowles

Picture this: your hospital has access to a magic button that would reduce SPD volume by up to 100 trays per week and reduce tray sizes by over 35%. Sound too good to be true? On this release of the Beyond Clean Vendor Spotlight series, we talk to David Rowe and Dr. Martyn Knowles from Operative Flow Technologies. OpFlow, a data driven product focused on value optimization, uses actual instrument or supply usage data by case- collected during the case in the OR- to rationalize instruments in trays. One of the big problems we are seeing in hospitals today is that the number of cases is not changing dramatically but the amount of instrumentation, disposables and trays is going up disproportionately to the amount of resources being filtered into the sterile processing department. David and Dr. Knowles talk specifically about how the data-driven OpFlow approach will reduce the backlog and improve SPD throughput, enhancing both the quality and efficiency of SPD. Tune in to this interview to find out how your hospital could use smart data and OpFlow to save over $2.2 million over the next few years by removing excess, unused instruments.

Follow OpFlow on LinkedIn, and visit their website or send them an e-mail  to schedule your virtual or on-site audit today!

Vendor Spotlight- CIVCO (7).png

confident compliance

With Featured Guest:
Eric Einwalter

In healthcare, one of the best ways to be compliant is to be confidently compliant. Compliance with The Joint Commission's standards on infection control can be difficult to navigate and in this release of the Beyond Clean Vendor Spotlight series, we talk to Eric Einwalter, Sr. Product Manager, High Level Disinfection for CIVCO Medical Solutions, to learn how CIVCO products strengthen and empower SPD professionals by providing solutions for an easy and compliant disinfection process of ultrasound probes. From automated high-level disinfection systems for TEE and vaginal/rectal probes, storage systems that provide a safe and clean storage environment for reprocessed transducers, to transport trays that prevent cross-contamination of HLD and LLD parts of probes, CIVCO has the products that will solve your ultrasound compliance problems. Listen to the end to find out how you can receive discounts on a CIVCO ASTRA automated probe reprocessor and free samples of certain high-level disinfection accessories!

Follow Civco Medical Solutions on LinkedIn, visit their website or send them an e-mail for more information.

SQ Surgio VS Fall 2022.png

CSPD's Untapped Potential

With Featured Guest:
Jeff Wertz

Is it possible to have true alignment between Supply Chain & Sterile Processing around the challenges of vendor management & vendor inventory? What if you didn't have to build these bridges alone? Joining us for this Beyond Clean Vendor Spotlight™ is Jeff Wertz, Chief Commercial Officer of Surgio Health and 2022-23 Beyond Clean Vendor Management Expert™, to speak with us about the power of data & information to tap into the massive potential within Supply Chain, OR/Sterile Processing, and Vendor partnerships. There are many companies out there claiming to address this piece of the puzzle and that piece of the puzzle, but the team at Surgio Health goes beyond the symptoms of broken processes and works with healthcare facilities to get to the root of their vendor inventory issues to solve the real disease. Listen as Jeff describes how Surgio Health is removing the traditional barriers to entry to next-generation instrument tracking and applying a unique consultative approach to working with all members of the surgical workflow.


Take your FREE Surgio Health test drive today by clicking here! To learn more about Surgio Health, visit Follow Surgio Health on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram. To book a demo, visit their website or contact Jeff Wertz directly.

SQ UV SMART VS Fall 2022.png

the D60 Story: 60 Second to Disinfect ENT Scopes using UV technology

With Featured Guest:
Daan Hoek

Validated disinfection of channel-less endoscopes & TEE probes without water or chemicals all in less than 60 seconds? Welcome to the UV-C revolution, #CleanFreaks! Joining us for this Beyond Clean Vendor Spotlight™ interview is Daan Hoek, co-founder at UV Smart, to discuss how their D60 disinfecting equipment (FDA registered Class 2) is now providing the US with a sustainable, economical, and environmentally friendly solution for tackling some of our biggest infection control gaps. Tune in to hear Daan explain how the D60 achieves minimum log-4 reduction on the full spectrum of infection-causing microorganisms (such as bacteria, spores, and viruses), and actually keeps track of who cleans, disinfects, and removes an endoscope from the D60 after each cycle, eliminating opportunities for reprocessing mistakes.


Find out more about UV Smart by clicking here or connect directly with Daan Hoek on LinkedIn.

Aesculap 2022 Repair Vendor Spotlight_WS (1400 × 1400 px).png

Instrument Quality

With Featured Guest:
Pawel Szczygiel

With over 150+ years in the surgical instrument manufacturing & repair business, Aesculap knows a thing or two about what it takes to solve the everyday problems of their clinical partners in Sterile Processing & the Operating Room. On this Beyond Clean Vendor Spotlight™ we talk with Pawel Szczygiel, Manager, ATS Repairs at Aesculap USA about the depth of expertise that goes into every surgical instrument repair they support in over 50 countries around the globe, and their commitment to working hard to help your surgical team operate with greater precision. Tune in to hear how they are leveraging the latest education & technology to continue staying out in front of medical device repairs from scopes, to power equipment, to stainless steel and beyond.


Visit Aesculap online at and check out the Aesculap Academy at Get updates on products and services by following Aesculap (US) on LinkedIn.

Agiliti VS Spotlight SQ.png

the patient-ready imperative

With Featured Guest:
Michael Matthews

Frontline clinicians and the patients they support cannot afford to encounter non-functional instrumentation and equipment in the surgical workflow. So how do your Sterile Processing and Operating Room teams ensure your surgical equipment and instruments are fully functional, safe and consistently perform at the highest level -- every surgery, every time? Joining us for the latest Beyond Clean Vendor Spotlight™ is Michael Matthews, MBA, CLSSGB, Director of Customer Training and Education at Agiliti, where he discusses the tremendous resources and creative partnerships available to clinicians to solve common process breakdowns within the OR and SPD. How can data transparency and repair reports lead to less preventable instrument damage? What tools are clinicians using to audit their processes and improve their quality? Tune in to learn more!


For more information about Agiliti, you can visit or follow them on LinkedIn.

OT FDA Podcast Graphic_NoCD.jpg

What's news is old

With Featured Guest:
Dave Billman

With over 4 million uses in the surgical setting and zero known adverse events for the 9-year history of the device, the safety of the ONE TRAY® container is beyond question. Recent acknowledgments from the FDA have confirmed the manufacturer's validated 48-hour storage claim, thus moving it out of any conversation regarding immediate-use. So, what's next? On this week’s release of the Beyond Clean Vendor Spotlight™ Series, we speak with Dave Billman, COO of ONE TRAY® IST about the latest communications regarding the company's product, the historical interactions that have led them to where they are today, and the way forward for current & future users of this American-made rigid container solution. Whether you have been following the ONE TRAY® conversation since the very beginning or are new to the industry shifts, this interview is the one you've all been waiting for! 


You can learn more by visiting or by e-mailing them at Don't forget to look for educational information and ask questions directly on LinkedIn and Facebook.

SQ_LayerJot VS.png

Now you know

With Featured Guest:
Etay Gafni

Surgical instrument identification is one of the most important skills that a Sterile Processing professional can have. Without knowing what each medical device actually is, it becomes impossible to properly clean, inspect, package, sterilize, and distribute with accuracy or compliance. On this unique Beyond Clean Vendor Spotlight episode, we feature a ground-breaking new surgical instrument database developed by LayerJot, that is poised to change the way Sterile Processing technicians leverage assisted-reality technology to take their skills to the next level. Join us for this discussion as Etay Gafni, CEO of LayerJot, describes the value of such a tool to impact surgical quality across the continuum of care. When speed and precision are of the essence, this surgical instrument directory is ready at your fingertips.


For more information about the world’s largest FREE instrument database search tool, visit them at Download the SID mobile app on Apple, Android, or access SID via your web-browser.

Steris 2 Vendor Spotlight_SQ.png

Redefining Reprocessing

With Featured Guest:
Sarah Brown

There's no question that robotic instruments are complex and come with reprocessing challenges. Learn how an automated process can build consistency and confidence in the cleaning outcomes of these intricate devices. Joining us for this Beyond Clean Vendor Spotlight is Sarah Brown, Senior Product Manager at STERIS to talk with us about the AMSCO 7052HP and 7053HP Washer/Disinfectors and the new RAS (Robotic Assisted Surgery) Cycle and Racks validated and cleared for processing da Vinci instruments. If you’d like to save up to 1 hour of processing time for every four robotic instruments, while maintaining a consistent process, you’re going to want to tune in now. 


Follow STERIS Healthcare Products on LinkedIn, Visit STERIS University to Earn FREE CEs, and learn more about the AMSCO 7052HP/7053HP by visiting

STERIS 1 Vendor Spotlight_SQ (6) Thursday.png

to the rescue

With Featured Guest:
Mark Munroe

Renovating a Sterile Processing department while effectively keeping up with surgical volumes is not an easy task- some may even call it impossible! On this Beyond Clean Vendor Spotlight we talk with Mark Munroe, VP of Strategic Projects and Mobile Solutions, about the STERIS Mobile Sterile Processing Unit- a 53-foot trailer that transforms into a state-of-the-art mobile Sterile Processing Department. If you’re looking for a solution that will reduce the risk of contamination, keep surgery at the expected volumes throughout a renovation initiative, and potentially save time and money on construction, you’re going to want to tune in now!


Follow STERIS Healthcare Products on LinkedIn, Visit STERIS University to Earn FREE CEs, and learn more about the STERIS Mobile Sterile Processing Unit by visiting

DSI Vendor Spotlight_SQ (3).png

Customized by design

When it comes to adding space, a hospital has two options: move to a new building and renovate, which can completely disrupt staff operation, or use the current space and invest in a more space-efficient storage system. On this Beyond Clean Vendor Spotlight we talk with Ian Loper from DSI about an integrated, high-density storage system that can meet all the safe and efficient sterile storage and transportation needs of your facility. If you’re interested in an efficient healthcare storage system that will increase employee productivity, decrease the cost of labor, and increase bottom-line savings, you’re not going to want to miss this! 


Visit to learn more or e-mail Follow Ian and the rest of the DSI team on LinkedIn.

IST Vendor Spotlight_SQ.png

expiration notice

Event-related and time-related sterility are hot topics in healthcare settings, and rightfully so! These two concepts have different meanings along with very different implications for the practices in your facility. On this Beyond Clean Vendor Spotlight we talk with Donna McLaughlin CRCST, CSPDT, CFER and Barbara Ann Harmer, Vice President of Clinical Services at Innovative Sterilization Technologies, LLC about real life examples of how event-related sterility impacts workflow and the importance of having a consistent policy to follow within the Sterile Processing department. 


Learn more by visiting OneTray’s website, contacting them via e-mail and look for educational information and ask questions directly on LinkedIn and Facebook.  

IST Vendor SpotlightWRAP_SQFinal.png

All Wrapped Up in ppe

As surgical volumes decreased over the last year and the need for additional PPE increased, the redistribution of blue wrap materials to fill the PPE supply need has caused massive supply issues. Now that surgical volumes are on the rise, the effects of that redistribution are begging the question: Is now the time to transition to rigid containers? On this Vendor Spotlight we speak with Barbara Ann Harmer and David Jagrosse about the misconceptions around the supply shortage and the environmental and workflow implications of transitioning from blue wrap to rigid containers. Tune into this timely discussion about a ready-to-ship, made in the USA solution now! 


Learn more by visiting OneTray’s website, contacting them via e-mail and look for educational information and ask questions directly on LinkedIn and Facebook.

PKT Vendor Spotlight_SQ.png

raising the disinfection bar

With Featured Guest:
John Gallineau

Everywhere we go, whether it is out to dinner, to the grocery store, or the hair salon-- we expect these establishments have invested in safe cleaning and disinfection techniques. Now more than ever, it’s critical that cleaning and disinfection is both performed and documented, especially in the healthcare space. On this Beyond Clean Vendor Spotlight we talk with John Gallineau, VP of Operations at PKT, a company that provides professional sterilizer cleaning services and surgical table deep cleaning, about their state-of-the-art ionized hydrogen peroxide (iHP) disinfection technology. iHP raises the disinfection bar even beyond UV light and provides a validated 6-log 99.9999% efficacy, leaves zero residue on equipment, and a heavy dose of peace of mind for healthcare professionals. Tune in for the cleanest conversation we have had in a while! 


Visit PKT online, follow them on LinkedIn or call 919-435-6771 to schedule services and get more information.

ASP square (1).png

without question

With Featured Guests: Nancy Fellows, Ryan Lewis, & Jeremy Yarwood

Reprocessing flexible endoscopes is a challenging task that begs the question: is it finally time for a paradigm shift in endoscope reprocessing? Based on a ground-breaking research study regarding the dangers of contaminant exposure, reprocessing errors, and ineffective cleaning measures, infection control teams should consider the option to sterilize flexible scopes where feasible. On this Beyond Clean Vendor Spotlight we talk with Dr. Jeremy Yarwood, Nancy Fellows, and Dr. Ryan Lewis from Advanced Sterilization Products (ASP) about how hospitals can utilize the ASP STERRAD® Systems and ASP AEROFLEXTM Automatic Endoscope Reprocessor (AER) to address reprocessing failures with patient safety in mind.


Visit ASP's website to request a free consultation to confirm which scopes in your inventory are validated for sterilization in ASP STERRAD Systems, and to discuss further how the new ASP AEROFLEXTM AER helps mitigate hidden points of failure in endoscope reprocessing. You can also connect with ASP on LinkedIn.

IST SQ.png

anatomy of an ifu

With Featured Guest:
Barbara Ann Harmer

There are three different instructions for use that need to be considered when preparing a medical device for sterilization: the sterilizer, the medical device itself, and the packaging system. The FDA requires that medical devices be tested in just one type of packaging system and on this week’s release of the Beyond Clean Vendor Spotlight Series, we speak with Barbara Ann Harmer about the maze that is instructions for use to help people understand which IFUs to use under which circumstances. How do validation and user verification work together to help you make the right decision and focus on best practices that result in patient safety? If you've ever debated this issue in your department, you're not going to want to miss this Vendor Spotlight episode so tune in now!


Learn more by visiting OneTray's website, contacting them via e-mail and look for educational information and ask questions directly on LinkedIn and Facebook

CS Medical VS square (1).png

The automated road to safety

With Featured Guest:
Kendall Ashe

TEE probe cleaning and handling is a hot topic of conversation, especially as more and more Sterile Processing professionals continue to reach out to clinics to standardize and automate the reprocessing of these devices. Decreasing the manual effort also decreases the manual error and on this episode of the Beyond Clean Vendor Spotlight Series we speak with Kendall Ashe, VP and General Manager of CS Medical, about a solution for creating a safer and more efficient reprocessing and use cycle of TEE probes. From cleaning and disinfecting to storage and transportation, the ROI on these products is clear. How you take care of your equipment has a large impact on your repair budget and we learn more about the TEEClean® Automated TEE Probe Cleaner and Disinfector, Cleanshield® TEE Probe Storage Cabinet, and TPorter® TEE Probe Procedure Case which offer risk mitigation associated with reprocessing TEE probes. Tune in now!


Find out more about CS Medical TEE Complete Care suite of products, download white papers about the relationship between cleaning and HLD, experience live product demos, and more by visiting their website.

IST Vendor Spotlight (2).png

disruption meets innovation

With Featured Guests:
Barbara Ann Harmer & Dave Billman

One of the best decisions to make as a healthcare professional is an informed decision and when it comes to disruptive technology, that is the only way to approach implementation. On this week's release of the Beyond Clean Vendor Spotlight Series, we speak with Barbara Ann Harmer and Dave Billman about the disruptive technology of the ONE TRAY® System and the new EZ-TRAX™. We discuss ways in which these products allow facilities to do more with less, a significant benefit for both hospitals and outpatient surgery settings and Barbara shares her perspective, as a past surveyor, on ways an organization should respond to a surveyor when it comes to new technology in  the Sterile Processing department. You're not going to want to miss this Vendor Spotlight episode to tune in now!


Learn more by visiting OneTray's website, contacting them via e-mail and look for educational information and ask questions directly on LinkedIn and Facebook

Vendor Spotlight- SteriCUBE (4).png

thinking inside the box

With Featured Guest:
Michele Mauzerall

It stands a little over five feet tall, increases sterilization efficiencies and saves time and money. Yes, it could be your new best friend- it’s the SteriCUBE and on this week’s release of the Beyond Clean Vendor Spotlight series, we talk to Michele Mauzerall, CEO and Managing Partner at PMBS, LLC and Progressive Sterilization, LLC about the benefits of multiple tray sterilization technology.


Many hospitals have the same consistent complaints: turnover times are too slow, delays or case cancellations due to holes in wraps and wet loads, the list goes on. This system allows the sterilization of multiple trays for one patient’s procedure all at once- no lids, no wrap- just increased efficiency of sterilized instrumentation. Listen now for the most recent FDA clearance claims. One of the most innovative products in sterilization to hit the healthcare market just got even better!


Follow SteriCUBE on LinkedIn, learn more by visiting the SteriCUBE website or send them an email to schedule an informational webinar today!


The breaking point

With Featured Guest:
Marcus Super

What impact do broken surgical instruments have on patient safety, surgeon trust, and the bottom line of your department budgets? How about missing or misplaced instruments that cause delays in instrument reprocessing and turnovers? On this release of the new Beyond Clean Vendor Spotlight series, we talk to Marcus Super about InstruSafe, the Sterile Processing-focused solution Summit Medical has created for overcoming the systemic challenges of lost and broken surgical instrumentation. We will also discuss their in-booth (#745) raffle at this year's IAHCSMM Expos with cash prizes (multiple winners) and free airfare to IAHCSMM 2020 (Grand Prize). Be on the lookout for inserts in your IAHCSMM Expo bags with a raffle ticket inside! Summit Medical will also be hosting an invite-only Customer Appreciation event Monday night after the show – Contact your local sales representative for an invitation!


Follow Summit Medical on LinkedIn, visit their website, or send them an

e-mail for more information!

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