SPX2021 2nd Annual Virtual Vendor Expo carried out solely on Beyond Clean social media pages


NO landing pages to sort through.

NO awkward interactions with pushy sales reps.

Your time, your newsfeed, your expo experience.


April 19-20



"Social media has the power to save lives. And so do virtual vendor expos. The products and services we use in our departments impact real patient lives. Our instruments retract pediatric chests, our sterilized forceps touch grandmothers' gallbladders, and our valve sizers touch mothers' hearts. As an industry, it's all our jobs to build a safer Sterile Processing environment, and that requires better tools and equipment to do our jobs. We are excited to help that happen this year at SPX2021! See you online."

                                                                                                      Hank Balch, Founder & President, Beyond Clean

THe industry's only social media vendor expo

It's the LARGEST. It's the ONLY. But it's also the BEST social media-based vendor expo in the Sterile Processing industry and it's going live the week of April 19th, 2021! You can attend in your pajamas or scrubs, sandals or shoe covers -- for this event there's no dress code required. All you need is a smart phone or computer, and some good WiFi. Grab your registration today for event updates, exclusive giveaways, and 7CEs through our Prove It! conference which will take place the week following SPX2021.

No shirt, no shoes, no problem! Just grab your preferred mobile device and start scrolling.

We'll spotlight the latest and greatest in product and service innovations to help your department better serve customers and patients.

Like what you see? You get to broadcast the products and services that are interesting to you with your professional networks. It's as simple as a click of a button. Share, like, and engage.

PROVE IT! A Spotlight on sterile processing quality

Join us for a virtual conference the week following SPX2021 dedicated to exposing the facts, myths, and hard questions about preventing errors before they occur in Sterile Processing. Registering for one event gets you into both! For more information about featured speakers and topics visit the conference website HERE

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