SPX2021 Day 1 Review

Listen to the 3M kick-off interview here

The FDA created a new category of chemical indicators (CI) here

Be more confident of sterilization results with 3M innovations here

Save money with 3M™ Attest™ 490 Starter Kits here


Listen to the Northfield kick-off interview here

Download your Preventable Damage Audit Checklist and Inspection forms here

View Auditing to Prevent Damage 1 CE Presentation here

Learn more about surgical table deep cleaning here

Save 20% or more on annual repair and maintenance budget here

View Northfield CE-approved webinars here

Download a FREE tape inspection guide here



Listen to the Healthmark kick-off interview here

Evaluating the cleaning effectiveness of your automated instrument washer here

Make the invisible, visible with the SonoCheck™ here

Test for blood on instrument surface in 30 seconds with HemoCheck™ here

An introduction to the CartWashCheck™ here

View Healthmark CE-approved webinars here




Listen to the CCI kick-off interview here

Over 40,000 nurses hold their credentials. Learn more about CCI here

Why should you certify through CCI? Find out here

Access FREE educational activities to further your knowledge of the OR here

Learn more about the Certified Ambulatory Surgery Nurse (CNAMB) Certification here

Help develop the newest credential, the CFPN (Certified Foundational Perioperative Nurse) here

Learn more about CCI microcredentials here




Listen to the ChemDAQ kick-off interview here

Learn how you can win a $100 gift card here

Learn more about symptoms of exposure of ETO and H202 here

What are worker exposure limits to hazardous chemicals in SPD? Find out here

Compare the over-the-counter H202 to the H202 used for sterilization here

Does your SPD or endoscopy department smell like vinegar? Find out why here

Prevent over exposure with chemical monitors here

Employ safer work practices here

Learn about real-time monitoring with ChemDAQ here


Listen to the Clarus Medical kick-off interview here

View a video introduction to Clarus Medical Inspection Borescopes here

See what the inside of a lumen looks like with a Borescope here

Read a literature review from the Univ. of Minnesota on lumen inspection here

Download the Clarus Medical Inspection Products brochure here



Listen to the ONE TRAY® kick-off interview here

Article and perspectives of David Jagrosse and Barbara Ann Harmer on the wrap shortage issue here

Earn seven FREE CEs from ONE TRAY® here

Listen as the million-dollar questions that surround ONE TRAY® are answered here

STUDY RELEASE: If you aren't a believer yet, you should be now—click here

Access the new ONE TRAY® in-service video series here

Listen to Microline Surgical kick-off interview here

View the Total Cost of Ownership Disposable panel discussion here

Learn how reposable laparoscopic instruments can minimize SSI risk here

Learn why 17% of instruments presented for laparoscopic surgery are used in a case here

Learn how trays with reduced instruments can cost 40% less here


SPX2021 Day 2 Review


Listen to the Moab Healthcare kick-off interview here

Find out how to fill vacancies in your department here

Upgrade your Sterile Processing Travelers here

Fulfill your staffing, interim management, consulting needs here




Listen to the Censis Technologies kick-off interview here

Find out what it takes to make your instrument tracking & analytics work here

Learn why data is integral to tracking technology here

Check out Censis’ Data duo experts here

Learn about CensiMark Tracking with Jacob Long here

How can Censis Clinical Services support your team? Find out here

Hear from a former SPS Supervisor that made the switch to CensiTrac here

Learn what you need to know about Unique Device Identifier (UDI) Compliance here

Earn CE credit for reading an article on leadership here

Learn why you should switch to CensiTrac here

Hear why Censis is the community for you here




Listen to the Aesculap kick-off interview here

Learn just how Aesculap helps you Operate with Greater Precision here

Learn how to use proven methods to navigate the blue wrap shortage here

Bring in a team of experts to apply data-driven workflow analytics in your department here

Access Aesculap education opportunities here




Listen to the Surgio Health kick-off interview here

Learn how Surgio Health can help with visibility, accountability and ease-of-use here

Learn more about the Surgio Health Vendor module to help track and manage vendor trays here

Keep your vendors in compliance with your policies here

Learn how you can catch issues before they happen here

Gain deeper insights and analytics that create value here

Find out how you can reduce errors and case delays here



Listen to the PKT kick-off interview here

Find out about the NEW Automated Sterilizer Cleaning Machine here

Learn about Ionized Hydrogen Peroxide (IHP) Technology for cleaning and disinfection here

Learn about PKT Subsurface Cleaning & Disinfection Program here

Find out what’s lurking inches away from your surgical patients here

Get your Steam Sterilizer Routine Checklist here


Listen to the Case Medical kick-off interview here

Find out eight surgical instrument care & handling mistakes to avoid here

Check out some useful tips to navigate the wrap shortage here

Try PentaPrep® Multi-Enzymatic Pretreatment here

Learn what to look for on detergent labels and SDS here

Subscribe to the Case Medical 360 thinking blog and get free samples here

Earn 1.5 CE for this “Enzymes and Their Actions” on-demand webinar here



Listen to the Medline Industries kick-off interview here

Find out why your Urgent Care should move to Centurion single-use instruments here

Learn about Medline’s Instrument Recycling Program here

Listen to this interview about the importance of high-quality single-use instruments here

Learn whether you are transporting your instruments correctly here

Learn about quality standards with Centurion instruments here


Listen to the Stryker kick-off interview here

Learn about Stryker 100% residual-free detergents to use on your power tools here

CE-approved! Dr. Rod Parker discusses what you should be looking for in your detergents here

Learn about Stryker’s new 30-minute rapid biological indicator (BI) here

Learn about E62 the newest enzymatic cleaner on the market here

Process 75lbs of lumen and non-lumen instrumentation with the Sterizone VP4 here

View a CE-approved Low-Temperature Sterilization Comparison here




Listen to the Beyond Clean kick-off interview here

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