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Beyond Clean Healthcare storage Expert

Better inventory accuracy will help you have nonexpired, sufficient inventory levels for your cases.

-Dustin Patterson
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Straight from the Healthcare storage expert

Final October 2022 - Dustin Patterson Expert Series.png

"When storing robotic instruments and accessories make sure you have a dedicated, secure place to..."

Final September 2022 - Dustin Patterson Expert Series.png

"While blue wrap is easy to use and can accommodate almost any size item, it can be prone to ripping, tearing, and..."

Final August 2022 - Dustin Patterson Expert Series.png

"Choose fully enclosed, stainless steel scope cabinets that allow for endoscopes to be stored..."

Final July 2022 - Dustin Patterson Expert Series (8.5 × 10.5 in).png

"When it comes to maintaining the integrity of surgical packs, how they are stored is just as important as..."

Final June - Dustin Patterson Expert Series.png

"While this system is simple and effective it creates wasted space between the bins and each bin..."

Final May - Dustin Patterson Expert Series.jpg

"Track systems can increase the storage capacity of a supply room by up to 50% without increasing..."

Final April - Dustin Patterson Expert Series.jpg

"Lack of space and organization can lead to longer picking times, longer OR turnover times, inadequate supply..."

Final March - Dustin Patterson Expert Series.png

"Case carts are more than just a convenient way to haul surgical supplies to and from the OR..."

Final February - Dustin Patterson Expert Series.png

"Anybody who works in Sterile Processing can tell you that suture storage is tricky. There is often no..."

Final January - Dustin Patterson Expert Series.png

"Leveraging Kanban Systems in your Sterile Storage Room supports FIFO, saves time restocking, and..."

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