We are Beyond Clean, a next generation Sterile Processing education, media, and consulting company. We serve as the central nexus for the people, processes, and products that are pushing the industry forward. Our team brings cutting-edge insight and expertise fused with clinical innovation and a passion to #FightDirty to every partnership.

From creative advertising and educational content creation to market research, innovative corporate sales training, social media strategy, and more, our team can help you reach and engage new Sterile Processing audiences in meaningful and long-lasting ways.


Building strategic partnerships to create and promote effective and relevant content for Sterile Processing professionals worldwide is what excites us. History is littered with better widgets that were never bought, or better ways of doing things that were never adopted. Vendors can’t make the mistake of believing that quality or innovation alone will take their company across the finish line. Customers will never know about a solution unless they are told.  

And how will they be told unless your brand starts doing some talking?


Beyond Clean Podcast episodes have been downloaded by 650,000+ unique individuals.


The Beyond Clean weekly digital newsletter has over 76,000 subscribers.


Over 52,000 Sterile Processing, Operating Room, and Infection Prevention professionals have attended our educational events

since 2020.


Professionals in over 150 countries listen to our podcast and attend our virtual events.

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