Vendor Consulting

Every day across the United States, nearly two-hundred thousand Perioperative and Sterile Processing professionals make the decision to serve surgical patients in their hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers. Data shows that ninety percent of these healthcare providers utilize the internet, and according to recent Pew research, over a quarter say they are ‘almost constantly’ online. Beyond Clean media services address this reality and help vendors in the Sterile Processing and Operating Room space reach this rapidly growing demographic of potential customers.


Through branded advertisements and sponsorship of Beyond Clean content such as podcasts, videos, newsletters, and live events, your company can leverage our global audience to quickly extend your brand recognition and credibility. If you’re a vendor interested in building your own social media powerhouses, we also provide consultative coaching services to train, support and strategize online content distribution.


History is littered with better widgets that were never bought, or better ways of doing things that were never adopted. Vendors can’t make the mistake of believing that quality or innovation alone will take their company across the finish line. Customers will never know about a solution unless they are told.  And how will they be told unless your brand starts doing some talking?

Services we Provide:

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